Which water filter is the right one for my kitchen?

Water filter – for unclouded drinking

Water filters convert ordinary tap water into pure drinking water with optimized quality. They effectively reduce the carbonate hardness of the water and also reduce the concentration of other flavor-impairing substances such as chlorine, lead and copper. This not only gives you healthy drinking water with a pure taste, but household appliances such as a coffee machine and water cookers also benefit from the additional limescale protection due to the use of the water filters.

Easy handling with great effect: water filter

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The human body needs on average 2 to 3 liters of water a day, which it can not gain from the daily food. In order to stay healthy, you must therefore drink liquid by drinking. While you can buy different types of water in the supermarket, drinking water from the water supply is also a popular alternative. Depending on the place of residence and location, however, the water quality can vary greatly. Dissolved particles such as microorganisms or drug residues can still be detected in drinking water even after treatment in the waterworks. For this purpose, drinking water from the pipeline offers numerous important minerals, which only a small amount of water is produced. Water filters should be used to ensure a high quality of the tap water, which can remove most of the unwanted substances from your water. In this guide you will learn all about the useful filters and their use.

Various filters, but only one is widely used: activated carbon filter

For the water treatment, you can choose from a range of filter options ranging from particularly cheap and simple versions to more elaborate models. In addition to the active carbon filters for the household, mobile filter systems with ceramic candles are also available. The main goal of the subsequent treatment of the water at home is the removal of possibly harmful substances from the water or the addition of other substances. Also a neutral pH is considered by many as valuable. For the household, activated carbon filters are the most frequently used process because they are not only easy to use, but also cost-effective. These filters are often used in combination with a pot: the vessel has a capacity of between 1.5 and 2 liters and is used to store your filtered water. The use of the filter is very simple. Just fill the jug with drinking water from the line. However, do not use the spout of the vessel but the opening of the activated carbon filter. In this process, the coal withdraws any existing medicines, pesticides and other harmful substances from the water. However, salts, lime and minerals remain in the water.

Activated charcoal: a practical aid from nature

Activated carbon, which is naturally obtained from animal, vegetable or mineral substances, is used not only in water filters, but also in medicine or in chemistry. It is a porous, fine-grained carbon with a large inner surface serving as an absorbent. In other areas, active carbon is often used in tablet form, for example in medicine. Especially with internal poisoning in the gastrointestinal tract or with simple diarrheal diseases, Kohletabletten can lead to a quick relief and healing.

Fresh water on the road

While usage in Germany is not absolutely necessary, water filters are an important tool in other countries. Especially in regions where the drinking water is heavily polluted or chlorinated, you should always use a water filter. It protects you from serious diseases that can be caused by bacteria and microorganisms in the water. The water filter serves as an alternative to boiling the contaminated water and allows you to enjoy water without waiting for cooking. While filter systems consisting of a can and a filter are often too large to take with you, adapters for the water tap are ideal for long journeys. These can be quickly and easily attached to the tap by means of a screw or plug-in mechanism, which means that the filter is taken immediately after the water comes out of the tap. Another form of mobile filter is a device that relies on a pumping mechanism. These pots have either a ceramic filter or an activated carbon filter. Due to the high pressure during pumping you often achieve a very good result with these models.

Conclusion: Water filters ensure better water quality

Even if the quality of water in Germany is very good, additional filtering can still remove small remaining residues of medicines or pesticides. But more important is the thorough cleaning of drinking water in other countries, which do not have high quality guidelines for water treatment. Whether you are preparing coffee, tea or food or simply drinking water, depending on the country, filtering the water can prevent health damage. In addition, filtering in regions where the water tastes too hard for you can provide more comfortable drinking water.

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