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crock pot

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Slow cooker / Crock pot

The 10 most important advantages of the slow cooker:

  1. The slow cooker is, so to speak, the financial officer of the kitchen helpers. He works conscientiously and self-reliant, for after filling, he requires little or no attention for hours.
  2. You can leave him alone and leave the apartment. It does not heat up the kitchen.
  3. Its cooking times are ideal to put it in the morning and have some warm on the table for dinner.
  4. It consumes less power than the oven and only slightly more than a 100 watt light bulb.
  5. In the large 6,5-liter slow cooker, there are easy to handle ingredients for 8 to 12 people. This simplifies cooking for guests or storage.
  6. Soups and stew dishes are excellent, meat dishes and roasts become really tender.
  7. Sauces taste very aromatic, vegetables do not boil to infinity.
  8. Crock pot cooking isn´t complicated: roulades do not have to be wrapped, stir no longer, burning does not exist.
  9. Preparatory work is possible: you can snuggle ingredients the evening before, fill the insert already and cool everything.
  10. In many dishes, the frying of meat is not necessary, says the pragmatist in me. This is especially true when the meat is cooked in vegetable sauce.

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Rice Cooker

This is what a rice cooker do

When the question arises about the optimal preparation of rice, the spirits divide themselves: in the pots on the stove with little water, swell in a lot of water or boil finished cooking bags. Whoever prefers one of these cooking variants has probably not yet gained experience with a rice cooker. The preparation of rice is therefore very simple, the result is perfect. Put the rice together with a quantity of water in the rice cooker, press the start button and get an acoustic signal when the rice is ready. Rice cooker usually only differ in a few details, which we will discuss below.


Rice cooker is available with plain plastic housings or in stainless steel optics. In the stainless steel version, the rice cooker is used to view the kitchen. There are no functional differences, and even in the case of thermal insulation the individual models hardly differ. Practically, Henkel is to place the rice cooker aside, and a long power cable. For some rice cooker the lid is only placed on, in others it is lockable.


The volume is based on the amount of rice that comes out after cooking – the ratio of rice to water is 1: 1 to 1: 2 depending on the type of rice. For example, to boil 500 g of rice, add 0.5 to 1 l of water. A capacity of 2 l would be sufficient in such a case, so that you still have buffers to boil a portion if necessary.

If rice is to be served as an accompaniment, then you should calculate per person with about 60 g dry rice. For rice as a main dish it should be 100 to 120 g. In a four-headed family, the rule of thumb is that with 250 g of rice as a side dish to curry and co. For a rice pan with vegetables you should give about 400 g of rice in the digester.

cooking function

In the included instructions you will find the mentioned rice-water ratio. Using a measuring beaker, add the water and the appropriate amount of rice. Conveniently, there are markings in the container. They show exactly how much water is required for a certain quantity of rice. Then start the cooking process. When cooking, make sure that you do not place the rice cook directly under a kitchen cabinet. As a rule, the glass lid of the rice cooker has a small opening through which steam can escape.

The cooking head of a rice cooker has an anti-stick coating, which prevents the burning of rice. At the same time, the coating facilitates cleaning. As a rule, it is sufficient to rinse out the gaseous solution with hot water and wipe off residues with a sponge.

Warm function

A good extra is the warming function, which automatically turns on when the rice is cooked. So you can prepare the other dishes in peace and bring them together with the hot rice on the table. Depending on the model, the holding function can be used for up to four hours. This is how you cook rice when the family first gradually feeds into the food. By the way, rice can also be comfortably heated with a rice cooker.

energy efficiency

The Rice cooker have an output of 400 to 700 watts depending on the model and size. With an average preparation time of 20 minutes, the rice is about 6 ct (at 25 ct per kilowatt hour). This corresponds to about half of the electricity that is generated during cooking on a conventional stove.

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Comparison: Steamer

An old tradition is reinterpreted with the steam cooker

In the Far East cooking with steam has been appreciated for generations as a particularly gentle, low-fat and, above all, aromatic-flavoring cooking method. During steam cooking, water is boiled in the base of the cooker on the cooker plate. The steam rises through a sieve-like steam insert or passes through small holes in the ground into the seated container. In this pot is the actual cooking material, which is gently cooked by the water vapor.
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Vegetables, fish, meat or special dumplings and pastas are neither moved nor surrounded by grease or water, as is the case with roasting or cooking. Even rice and potatoes can be gently prepared in this way – and retain their full flavor.

Steam cooking pots are partly equipped with several attachments, which allows the simultaneous preparation of different dishes such as vegetables and fish in different containers. The individual courts thus do not interfere with the taste. In the top essay, for example, the setting up of a rice bowl is possible, with which the rice succeeds wonderfully loosely and fragrant.

Tip: Do you have a stove with induction cookers? Then, make sure that your wish model is equipped with a ferromagnetic floor so that the cooking utensils can be used on your stove (please note in the product description).


A cooking principle – many possibilities

Whether asian vegetable pans or fresh organic potatoes, cook with the steam cooker fast, healthy, energy-saving and aromatic-flavoring-shortings is hardly necessary. Choose your favorite from the various basic explanations.
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Steam pans as compact models

Steam booths in the form of a basin head with a steam or steam insert, which is suspended or adjusted, and ends with the edge of the basin head, look like a simple roasting pan. With this compact model, you can start the steam cooking process by simply covering the bottom of the pot with water, adjusting the steam insert and the food, placing the lid on and turning the stove on. The water evaporates and steam or vegetables or fish. Cooking with a compact model comes closest to classic cooking. You can prepare whole dishes like a fish potato or a vegetable chicken pan. Steam pans as compact models you get for about $150 to $220.

Steamers as double heads

So-called double pots are the most suitable for the classical Asian style of the steamer, in which the pot and steamer insert are overlaid. The steam enters the tower via small holes from the basin head and fulfills its task there. You will get steam booths for stacking with several attachments, so you can prepare different components of a dish in different containers – completely fat-free and without the aromas mixing. Double pots and multi-stage steam hobs are available at prices between $30 and $130.

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