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Bread Maker Recalled For Possible Fire Hazard
Consumers should check with West Bend before using their bread makers. West Bend will provide free pickup and repair of the affected bread makers, return each repaired bread maker with six free bread ...

New On The Shelf
Consumers should check with West Bend before using their bread makers. West Bend will provide free pickup and repair of the affected bread makers, return each repaired bread maker with six free bread ...

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West Bend 82306 Stir Crazy 6-Quart Electric Popcorn Popper for $24.88 (list price $45.99) Fish Spatula - AdeptChef Stainless Steel, Slotted Turner for $9.97 (list price $29.99) ChefLand Ladle, 8-Ounce ...

No bread supply worries supermarket
Some supermarkets in mid-west Western Australia say they have been told they will no longer be supplied with bread from a major bread maker. The owners of IGA supermarkets in Dalwallinu, Carnamah, Mor...

County man dies in traffic accident
Stephen Kuser, Sinking Spring, was operating a motorcycle south on Route 272, and Harold Hartsock, Adamstown, was driving a car west on Willow Street ... Keen, 48, of Shipshewana, Ind., near South Ben...

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Panasonic Yeastpro Automatic Breadmaker -- When my mother first gave this to me, I thought "Yeah, right." I really didn't see myself taking the time to make my own bread when the loaves I love are jus...

Ex-Farmers' Market Manager's Parting Shots
Conn said she was relentlessly pressured by to bend the market's rigid rules and allow , Oak ... six months after Conn the village gave the green light to new rules allowing a Chicago-based breadmaker ...

100 arrested at Wall Street climate crisis sit-in
"I wanted to come specifically to disrupt Wall Street because it's Wall Street that's fueling this," Youngstown, Ohio, urban farmer and bread-maker Ben Shapiro said as he sat on Broadway by the famed ...

OSCON 2012 Speakers
Piers Cawley started programming Perl in the mid nineties, but recently spent a few years working as a Ruby programmer before returning to Perl. He’s currently trying to escape to become a bread maker ...

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