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Traditional Cookies From Grandma
Check it out, then tell us: For this recipe, you absolutely need an electric pizzelle maker, which is similar to a waffle iron. You spoon batter onto the iron and close for about 1 minute (time varies by maker, be sure to read the directions). Mine only ...

Thank the Dutch pilgrims for pizzelle makers
Q: Many years ago our neighbor gave us something that seems to be something to hang near a fireplace. Recently, I became curious about what it was intended for. It is wrought iron, has a clip at the end of the arms to hold them together, and has beautiful ...

The Battle of the Pizzelles
However, she had some major competition. The Battle of the Pizzelles was always on. For my first formal cooking class in 1999, I decided to invite the best Pizzelle makers as the instructors. Spread far apart in a large ballroom, were six instruction ...

Please save my favorite Christmas cookies, reader begs
So at heart, this question is really not just about cookies, but rather, can we save Christmas? As you well know, Jennifer, pizzelle (and waffle) makers come in two varieties: electric countertop “griddles” and old-school molds with long handles ...

Amore for pizzelles
Pizzelles came to America with immigrants like Carmelina Paolucci of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, who is known as one of the best pizzelle makers at Akron's St. Anthony of Padua Church, where she worked for many years as cook at the rectory. She's had years of ...

Pizelles a family treat and tradition
Mom never bothered with that. She never bothered with the blinking light on the top of pizzelle maker, either. “I don’t pay attention to the flashing,” she said. “I just kind of do it by feel, and I go kind of medium. I don’t like them too crispy.

Home With the Lost Italian: Belgian Lukken Cookies are day-after-Thanksgiving tradition for LaPalm family
Once made on an ijzer (iron) placed over the fire, we now cook them on pizzelle makers or a modern lukken iron. The recipe we currently use was clipped from a U.S.-based, Belgian newspaper in the 1950s and has been adapted for that new-fangled electric ...

Pizzelle Cones
Pizzelle cones are prepared in an iron that cooks both sides at once ... Although nonelectric models can still be found, the convenience of the electric maker that bakes both sides at once turns out cookies quickly. The nonstick finish is recommended.

Belgian lukken cookies are day-after-Thanksgiving tradition
Once made on an ijzer (iron) placed over the fire, we now cook them on pizzelle makers or a modern lukken iron. The recipe we currently use was clipped from a U.S.-based, Belgian newspaper in the 1950s and has been adapted for that new-fangled electric ...

Happy Mother's Day makers: Pizzelles and Krumkakes\n\n
Chef’sChoice International’s KrumKake Express™ and Pizzelle Pro® are just plain fun to use. Perhaps you already have one of these non-stick marvels, but if you don’t, you should. And, if you have a mom, or have someone in your life that you think ...

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