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AG files complaint against NuWave
The Consumer Protection Division has received multiple reports from consumers claiming NuWave engaged in unscrupulous tactics in the marketing and sale of its Precision Induction Cooktop and other products, particularly in reference to NuWave’s buy-one ...

Top 10 Best Induction Cookware Sets 2018
If you have an induction cooktop, you’ll need compatible cookware to go with it. As long as your pots and pans are magnetic, they can be used with an induction cooktop. Unlike a traditional stovetop, an induction cooktop doesn’t have a burner for ...

How well does the NuWave Induction Cooktop work?
Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. Please enable Javascript to watch this video (Nov. 13, 2014) - The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 2 claims it heats twice as fast as an electric cooktop and uses less energy.

Nuwave Induction Cooktop
How would you like a product that promises to cook food faster, use less energy, and prevent you from ever serving a burnt dinner again! Say hello to the Nuwave Induction Cooktop! The maker claims it can boil water in 90 seconds and uses 70% less energy ...

Cheryle Finley: Induction cooking has to be seen to be believed
The cooking expert used an induction cooktop during her demonstration, and I couldn’t help but think it was an ingenious invention. Fast forward to December, when my friend Betty Saferite put a Precision Nuwave 2 induction cooktop into a Christmas gift ...

Is Nuwave PIC2 a good induction cooktop to have?
This post was contributed by a community member. I am thinking to buy an induction cooktop as a gift for Jimmy who is my best friend and going to be married this winter. He would love to have some gifts that is handy and useful. I saw TV Ads about Nuwave PIC2.

Top 5 Best Portable Induction Cooktops 2018
The NuWave PIC Gold Precision Induction Cooktop comes with more features, including additional temperature settings, along with a slightly larger 10.5-inch fry pan. A total of 1800 watts of power gives this induction cooktop plenty of speed and performance ...

Nuwave PIC Receives Critical Acclaim; Positive Reviews
Fortunately, the Nuwave PIC is capitalizing on its own success by introducing the latest addition to its lineup, the PIC or Precision Induction Cooktop. Home product research analyst, Howard Rizzo states: “Induction cooking is one of the newest ...

Rebel Mouse Highlights the Benefits of Nuwave PIC
Testimonial “I like my Nuwave induction cooktop. I found it to be somewhat versatile. I didn’t like the electric stove in my house. I began using one of these PIC cooktops and hardly needed to use an electric burner again. One has to understand that a ...

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop
This post was contributed by a community member. Recently I had the chance to review the NuWave PIC2 along with the non-stick pan. The experience and review went well and I really enjoyed using the product. See more and watch the demo online.

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