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L’Chef opens new facility in St. George
“L’Chef is happy to be here,” General Manager Dennis Leavitt said. L’Chef’s is the parent company of NutriMill, which sells home grain mills, and is also the exclusive distributor for Bosch’s popular ...

Expo Unites Parents, Exhibitors In Boost To Homeschooling Locally • Paula’s Bread — Everything you need for bread including Bosch mixers, variety of stainless steel bakeware, grain mills such as the L’Equip Nutrimill, stainless steel 7-ply cookw...

Bell's Family Books to Close in January
In 2011, the 40-year-old book retailer Borders went out of business for good. To offset the decline in books sales, Bell added Nutrimill grinders and Bosch mixers to his inventory. He also provides fr...

Business Spotlight: Cary Woman Teaches You To EAT REAL
In a kitchen with utensils, whole grains, pressure cookers, a Bosch mixer and Nutrimill grain mill, Kim Nordin can cook up a feast of healthy foods ranging from bread, cinnamon rolls, chicken, roast, ...

Adventures in baking: Whole wheat bread
My honey comes from the Lesser Farm in Dexter, and I buy it in a 6-pound jar (half-gallon size). The flour is a white whole wheat, currently from King Arthur Flours, but very soon, I'll be grinding my ...

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