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Liberty business says My Office can be your office
Brenda Williams has transformed a house on Churchill-Hubbard Road into a mini office building ... Along with the office you have access to a copier and printer, a microwave and coffee maker, plus a se...

Fortune makes first foray into Durgapur
Fortune Park Pushpanjali, Durgapur offers 89 contemporary guest rooms with full services and amenities like 24-hour room service, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, satellite LED TV, electronic safe, mini ...

Minipresso NS: Make Fresh Coffee Anywhere You Go
Like coffee? Well, there aren’t many who don ... because a Hong Kong-based startup company Wacaco has developed a unique mini portable espresso machine called Minipresso NS.

2018 Indie Craft Parade expands food options thanks to new larger location
A new, bigger space in the Southern Bleachery development of Taylors Mill means an even bigger party for Makers Collective Indie Craft Parade ... “The food will be outside in front of the venue, like ...

Keurig Dr Pepper Launches K-Mini and K-Mini Plus Space-Saving Coffee Makers
Innovative new K-Mini brewers now available in sleek, space-saving designs and fun colors Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) today announced the launch of the K-Mini™ and the K-Mini Plus™ single serve coffee make...

Keurig Dr Pepper Launches K-Mini and K-Mini Plus Space-Saving Coffee Makers
BURLINGTON, Mass. & PLANO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jul 23, 2018--Keurig Dr Pepper (NYSE: KDP) today announced the launch of the K-Mini™ and the K-Mini Plus™ single serve coffee makers, which deliver f...

Keurig Dr Pepper Launches K-Mini and K-Mini Plus Space-Saving Coffee Makers
Keurig Dr Pepper (NYSE: KDP) today announced the launch of the K-Mini™ and the K-Mini Plus™ single serve coffee makers, which deliver freshly brewed, delicious coffee from your favorite K-Cup® pods th...

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