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New Westminster pub fined almost $10K after investigation into meat-slicer death
WorkSafeBC has fined the River's Reach Pub in New Westminster, B.C., after its investigation into an incident where a worker died after falling on a running meat-slicer. The incident happened in March 2017. A family friend identified the victim as ...

A meat slicer ‘caked with debris’ and ‘no hot water’ force closure of Vietnamese restaurant in West Jordan
A West Jordan restaurant specializing in Vietnamese Pho was shut down by the Salt Lake County Health Department on June 15 after inspectors found a meat slicer “caked with debris,” “dirty linens stored with clean plates“ and no hot water.

New West pub fined after line cook dies of meat slicer injury
A Metro Vancouver pub has been fined for violations B.C.'s workplace watchdog says contributed to the death of a line cook. An employee of the River's Reach Neighbourhood Pub, located on 6th Street in New Westminster, died following an incident at work ...

Local pub ordered to pay $9,500 after worker fell on meat slicer and died
VANCOUVER—The New Westminster pub where Sanjeev Kainth fell to his death on a running meat slicer has been fined $9,500, an amount the BC Federation of Labour is calling “meagre.” The incident happened on March 22, 2017, when the slicer at The River ...

A gnawed bag of raw poultry, meat particles on the ceiling close Philly eateries
The establishment could not operate for a minimum of 48 hours. Inspected June 13. There was no hot water; a slicer had an accumulation of food residue on the food contact surfaces and was not being washed, rinsed and sanitized at least every four hours ...

Food Inspections for June 24
Talk of the Town Pizza Bar, 1200 Edgar St., no violations. The Pie Pan, 905 North Park Drive, two critical violations: slicer soiled (corrected); food not properly reheated for hot holding (corrected). The Steak Burger Company, 800 N. Green River Road ...

This week’s Food Find: Kicker Country Stampede in Manhattan
you can't visit the festival without trying the food. This week's #FoodFind is two fair favorites, an onion blossom and footlong corndog. The onion blossoms are made right in front of you, as a giant slicer pierces the onion layers and it's quickly coated ...

Jackson County food inspections | Ran in the June 12 Examiner
Raw beef was stored above cooked meatloaf and brisket; corrected. The meat slicer had an accumulation of residue within it; corrected. • Casey's General Store, 1800 N.E. Langsford Road – On May 31, the tea nozzle had build-up of yellow residue; ...

Cool as a cucumber: Nothing beats a refreshing, nutritious cuke in the summer heat
Using a mandoline or vegetable slicer, cut cucumbers into very thin slices ... Makes about 3 cups. Recipe adapted from Food & Wine This is our go-to 'rita this summer. Wet the rim of an old-fashioned or margarita glass and dip it in salt.

Oh, the Humanity! One-man Ouchy Rahm Emanuel, a Preschool Teacher?
There was the time he lost part of his right middle finger after a mishap with a meat slicer while working at Arby’s as a high school senior and then avoiding treatment because he didn’t want to miss prom. There was his youthful passion for ballet ...

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