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Mini KitchenAid Stand Mixers Are On Sale For $199 Right Now
KitchenAid's Twilight Blue 3.5-Quart Mixer is marked ... It can mix up to five dozen cookies in a single go-round, and with attachments, can be used for making pasta, burgers, veggie noodles and more. It's got 10 speeds, FYI, and a tilt-head design for ...

Walmart has KitchenAid stand mixers on sale for as low as $189.99 — it's basically Black Friday all over again
but you can transform this workhorse of the kitchen into a pasta cutter, juicer, spiralizer, shredder, or slicer. Walmart is having a pretty huge sale on KitchenAid devices across the board right now, including the actual mixers, tons of handy attachments ...

Amazon is having a major sale on those KitchenAid mixers you've been drooling over since forever
The KitchenAid stand mixer is a staple in every kitchen ... It’s not just for cake batter, you know. You can get attachments to turn it into a pasta roller, spiralizer, food grinder, ravioli maker, and even a heat precision bowl for melting chocolate ...

The best KitchenAid attachments you can buy
If you own a KitchenAid already, you are only one attachment away from making your own pasta, straining and grinding fruits and vegetables, making sausage, spiralizing vegetables, creating homemade ice cream, grinding your own flour, or turning your mixer ...

Aldi Ambiano Premium Stand Mixer
What is the Aldi Ambiano Premium Stand Mixer? Unless your head has been stuck ... but it also comes with a versatile mincer attachment. As a keen baker who relies heavily on my KitchenAid, I couldn’t wait to see how the Aldi machine compared.

There’s a Huge Sale on KitchenAid Mixers and Attachments at Williams Sonoma
Good news: Williams Sonoma is holding a KitchenAid sale, with savings of 20% on mixers and attachments. Here, a few items we have our eyes on: KitchenAid® Stand Mixer Ice Cream Maker Attachment: $63.96 after 20% discount (regularly $79.95)

Top 5 Best KitchenAid Attachments 2018
Here’s a list of the top best KitchenAid attachments on the market right ... You can make fresh pasta in the comfort of your own kitchen with this handy attachment. The three piece set includes a pasta roller along with a fettuccine cutter and a ...

16 Great Cooking Gifts for Tech-Loving Foodies
Granted, you need a stand mixer for this pasta attachment to actually do anything, but then again, here's a perfect excuse to get that stand mixer you've been dreaming of. Kitchenaid's pasta-making set comes with three pieces: one to roll the pasta into ...

12 fun facts about your KitchenAid Mixer
KitchenAid mixers have been made since 1919 ... similar to the flat beater but with a flexible silicon scraping edge. Of the more expensive attachments, the pasta roller and cutter, and the food grinder, are the most popular. Lots of users are grinding ...

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