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SFMTA on the road to an all-electric fleet
Lamps, monitors and space heaters bring comfort and joy to our lives. Electric can-openers and carvers make daily tasks easier. But these devices also break quickly and can contain hazardous and toxic components, like lithium batteries. According to a 2014 ...

Kitchen gadgets the whole world wanted over the past 100 years
6/29 SLIDES © Can-O-Matic 1930s: Electric can openers The first electric can openers were produced in the 1930s to limited commercial and practical success. But the appeal of nice-to-have luxury versions, such as the original Can-O-Matic (pictured), has ...

Electric Site Project Gears Up for Real-world Test in 2018
We are combining intelligent machines, automation and electromobility as a door opener to developing completely ... The LX1 is Volvo CE’s prototype electric hybrid wheel loader. The machine can deliver up to a 50% improvement in fuel efficiency, as ...

For PG&E, cutting power could prevent fires and save lives — and costs
San Diego Gas & Electric Co. shuts down its power lines ... They can stockpile water and food that doesn’t require refrigeration. They can park their cars outside their garages, since garage-door openers won’t work. “We’re urging our customers ...

Pirates push past G-Reds in opener, 10-2
showed an electric fastball and a devastating curveball but suffered the loss on opening night. The G-Reds Pre-Game Show will kick off the broadcast at 6:45 p.m. ET, leading up to the 7:00 p.m. ET start at Pioneer Park. Wednesday evening's contest can be ...

England aiming to continue strong record in World Cup opener
England go into this summer’s World Cup on a four-match winless run in the competition – but history suggests they can quickly buck the trend ... they made a truly electric start as Bryan Robson scored what was then the fastest goal in World Cup ...

Bob Wilson: Boulder can rise to meeting ADA standards
supply electric shopping carts. And someone at McGuckins, for example, will bring a wheelchair to your car. ADA bathrooms seem to be fairly common but too many stores still lack one. I'd guess that ramps and door openers would pay for themselves eventually ...

Police: Man hits brother on head with electric can opener
DENVER BOROUGH, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa — A Lancaster County man is facing charges after police say he hit his brother in the head with an electric can opener. Investigators say that on May 21st, Brian Ford, 37, of Denver, kicked in the door at his brothers ...

Xiaomi launches Electric Wine Bottle Opener under its crowdfunding platform
The device also comes with a 550mAh lithium battery. With full charge, it can open up to 70 bottles at a stretch. While that’s great for households, the Xiaomi Electric Bottle Opener seems ideal for establishments that are known for their wine collection.

Police: Denver man attacks brother with can opener
DENVER, Pa. (Lancaster) - East Cocalico Township Police arrested Brian Ford, 47, of Denver borough for allegedly assaulting his brother with an electric can opener. Police say on May 21, Ford kicked in the door of his brother's home and assaulted him ...

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