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Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts to treat guests to a special edition ‘Chocolate Hour’ in celebration of World Chocolate Day
Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul's lobby is overflowing with a chocolate fountain and truffle chocolates hand-decorated by talented chefs. It's fun and games at Mövenpick Resort Soma Bay in Egypt where the hunt is on to find the 'magic nut' in the house-made ...

The cost of chocolate and the unjust underbelly of supply chains
if they want to. Antonie Fountain, managing director, Voice Network The governments of the two countries have now decided to team up and attempt to secure a bigger share of the global chocolate profits with plans to coordinate production levels and sales ...

Bristol's Mrs. Potts Chocolate House introduces incredible new summer menu
But the real highlight of the new menu is the s’mores cooking experience in the newly-created outdoor area, complete with pretty lights and a water fountain. Provided with slabs of chocolate almost as big as the new paving slabs, giant marshmallows ...

The cost of chocolate
Antonie Fountain is the managing director of the Voice Network ... cocoa producers wrangle in an industry dominated by some of the world's biggest names in chocolate? "Ghana and the Ivory Coast together produce two-thirds of all the cocoa in the world.

Fountain Avenue Kitchen: Recipe for this flourless chocolate cake ideal for Valentine's Day
When it comes to chocolate cake, I’ve always preferred light and fluffy over rich and dense. When my husband and I married, I wanted a chocolate wedding cake (with peanut butter frosting!), and after sampling a decadently dense bakery option, I told my ...

Chocolate flows from the Featherstone fountain this weekend
Troy Harris with Gabriel Bengtsson, age 6 1/2 trying out the Chocolate Fountain at last year's Art of Chocolate ... come on down to the Featherstone Center for the Arts this weekend and dive right into chocolate heaven. The weekend-long Festival, now ...

Chocolate fountain springs to your home to become all-you-can-eat chocolate "siroca crossline chocolate fountain" review
"Chocolate fountain" which eats with chocolate which springs like a fountain with fruits and marshmallows needs special equipment, so it can not be eaten unless you go to some sweets stores and hotels such as hotels. A machine that can produce such ...

Fondue Fountains Flow at ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ Broadway Opening
It was easy to spot the dash of Hollywood glam at the Broadway opening night party of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” There were the chocolate fountains and the all-you-can-eat candy kiosk and the giant, solid chocolate sculpture of Willy Wonka ...

Special edition ‘Chocolate Hour’ at Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts in celebration of World Chocolate Day
Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul’s lobby is overflowing with a chocolate fountain and truffle chocolates hand-decorated by talented chefs. Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu is using locally-grown cocoa to create special Filipino-inspired treats that not ...

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