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New world buffet to open in well-known riverside ex-pub building
The restaurant will include a 40-seater function room, a buffet server and an outside space that it shares with The Strutt Arms next door to serve beers and a barbecue on summer nights. A spokesman for the business said: “Lots of work is currently going ...

At Los Lupe's, 46 Years of Breakfast Tacos and All-You-Can-Eat Buffets
Lupe’s buffet is more home-cooked, more honest. You can point at things and grunt, hungover-like, in a way that you’ll want to apologize for later. Embrace the shame; you’ll be understood at Lupe’s. One server, who’s heaping piles of enchiladas ...

One is not the loneliest number (when you’re eating solo at a casino buffet)
What's sadder: eating a buffet by yourself, or all the attempts to take a selfie with your finished plates to prove you're having a good time? I see a server carrying my drink from all the way across the dining hall. We meet eyes, and hold the stare while ...

Get Dad away from TV for Father’s Day dinners, buffets
Napili Kai Beach Resort Executive Chef Alex Stanislaw (left) and server Marlon Castro will aim to please on ... in Kahului will present its annual all-you-can-eat prime-rib dinner buffet from 4 to 8:30 p.m. today with live music by Reiko Fukino.

Cocina 1022 Offers Huge Mexican Menu
Our server showed us the photographs which artist Michael Cerda ... Still to come, we were told, are desserts, possibly tres leche, flan or cheesecake, as well as a daily buffet to be served in the back dining room. We didn’t sample House Drinks though ...

Hoteliers refine European breakfast to rack up returns
In Berlin, Scandic guests enjoy smoked salmon and trout from local fishermen within 50 miles of the city, while in Hamburg cinnamon rolls known as Franzbrötchen star on the buffet tables. Faith in food Hotel chefs and servers have to be aware of religious ...

InventHelp Inventor Develops Portable Eye-Catching Buffet Server (LCC-3713)
PITTSBURGH, June 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The food and drinks provided at an event are integral to the success of the event and overall happiness of the guests. The aesthetic of the event is equally as important, so naturally, many party planners combine ...

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