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How to Clean a Keurig
What’s that? Never? Here, the right way to do it, two or three times a year. How to clean a Keurig: Step 1: First, unplug the machine. Then take apart any removable parts (the reservoir, the K-Cup hol...

Free up counter space by storing your Keurig K-Cups on the wall
The Cafe Wall Caddy consists of three parts. The base unit holds 12 K-Cups. If you have room, add the two attachments to hold an additional 10 K-Cups. The Cafe Wall Caddy is available in white ...

Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Keurig Green Mountain will become a single company with annual sales of about $11 billion
NEW YORK (AP) -- Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Keurig Green Mountain will become a single company with annual sales of about $11 billion.

A Bionic Hand Made From Keurig Parts Is As Weird As You’d Expect
Meet Hedberg, a bionic hand crafted from parts of a Keurig coffee machine. He took almost 200 hours to make, which is a lot — but look! He can clutch a glass cup. And at least now we know what to do w...

The Only Good Use For a Keurig Machine
This isn’t some weekend build project for the everyman, unfortunately. Using just the parts from a sacrificed Keurig K350 coffee maker, plus glue and a 12-volt power supply, it took Booth a few minute...

NorthStar Medical gears up to provide a crucial medical isotope generating system
It runs much like a Keurig system for making coffee ... though it projected demand will rise in parts of Asia. Brown University's Yoo said more updated PET (positron emission tomography) technology ha...

Clean Your Keurig Coffee Maker with Vinegar and a Toothbrush
Housecare weblog Clean My Space offers a helpful video tutorial displayed above. The standard Keurig coffeemaker has some dishwasher safe parts such as the water reservoir, but other parts must be cle...

Fox News' ad chief admits that advertisers are leaving. Here's what's going on.
Last fall, Fox News viewers began smashing their Keurig machines at Sean Hannity’s behest after ... Laura Ingraham lamented that “in some parts of the country, it does seem like the America that we kn...

A Week In North Carolina On A $51,593 Salary
7 a.m. — I start the Keurig to fill my travel mug as I hop in the shower ... We love to discuss our favorite and not-so-favorite parts afterwards and give a rating out of 10. We both give it an 8/10 a...

Keurig Green Mountain And Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Extend Their Partnership As K-Cup Sales Decelerate
With this point of reference, the sale of McCafe products from Keurig Green Mountain to a retailer, Walgreens, is not recognized by Nielsen's scan data. Operationally, there are a lot of moving parts ...

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