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Bosch Home Appliances enters mixer-grinder segment
Global consumer durables major Bosch Home Appliances has forayed into the mixer-grinder segment in India. The Rs 3,200 crore segment is a competitive space with both local and global brands operating ...

Bosch Home Appliances forays into new category of appliances
Offering an all new category of TrueMixx Mixer Grinder range, the company aims to localise goods for India and Make in India. In the first phase of launch, Bosch will take its Mixer Grinders to ...

Bosch, Siemens cut washing machine, fridge prices by 7-8%
European company BSH Household Appliances, which operates in the country under two brands, Bosch and Siemens, today said it will reduce prices of its refrigerators, washing machines and mixer grinders ...

Global Electric Whisks Market Analysis 2018 | Growth by Top Companies: Bosch Corporate, KitchenAid, Ross Mixers, Dynamic Mixer, Boss India
(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 18, 2018 ) The Electric Whisks Industry is expected to increase at high growth rates during the forecast period (2018-2023). The Electric Whisks Industry is supported by various ...

Whip it good: Bosch’s new mixer knows just when to stop mixing your eggs
Considering Bosch recently announced a partnership with the Drop Kitchen Scale – the connected scale will sync with the appliance maker’s Series 8 Home Connect ovens – a couple of its small appliances ...

The Amazing Bosch Universal Mixer
It was a Bosch Universal Mixer. I had never heard heard of it. It seemed that the Bosch, as it was affectionately referred to, was a powerful mixer that you could dump all the bread ingredients into a...

Video: 110hp Armatrac 1104 on test
They all slot into place pretty easily and the tractor has all the poke needed to haul a small trailer or mixer wagon, while the splitter is ... Instead the spool-valve levers, pto and Bosch electroni...

Global Electric Whisks Market 2017 - Bosch Corporate, KitchenAid, Ross Mixers, Dynamic Mixer, Boss India
Global Electric Whisks Market Report presents a professional and deep analysis on the present state of Electric Whisks Market 2017. The study of Electric Whisks industry is very important to enhance b...

Consumer durables companies want to master the art of juggling
Take Bosch for instance. A leading player in the mass-to-premium segment of washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and ovens, it is entering the mixer-grinder space that is dominated currently b...

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