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Slow down and pad your fall with local flavor
Slow-Cooker Italian Mushrooms take five minutes ... Sugar and Spice Sweet Potato Bread uses Triple S sweet potatoes and Southern Okie Gourmet Apple Spread for two loaves of quick bread, making ...

Are you making this big slow cooker mistake?
The moment the weather turns a bit cooler, we can't wait to get out the crock pot, and batch cook all the tasty slow cooker recipes we can think of. But while the trusty kitchen appliance is celebrate...

CHEERS AND CHILLS: Spook-tacular Halloween cocktails
triple sec and lime juice, adding food coloring to make it black, then serve over ice. How about a Boozy Apple Cider perfect for Halloween or just fall? For this one, you'll use a slow-cooker ...

Smart Solutions: Be ready as holiday time strikes once more
For Thanksgiving, she’ll make mashed potatoes in a slow cooker the day before and get the sweet potato ... You can make a double batch, but not a triple. The best part, she says, is that you can wash ...

These New Cookbooks Will Get You So Psyched To Cook This Fall
With 1,200 recipes—all triple-tested, so you know they actually work—you ... It's focused on dinner recipes, all designed to be made in kitchen staples, like your slow cooker, Air Fryer, sheet pans, a...

The Instant Pot, invented in Ottawa, is the hottest multi-cooker in kitchens
We expect in the next year to more than double or triple sales.” Wang, along with six others, spent 18 months designing the first Instant Pot, which came out in 2010 and was basically an electric pres...

Slow cooker Thai beef curry
Tender beef in a rich, zingy Thai curry sauce, delicious served with jasmine rice and Asian greens. This slow cooker recipe has maximum flavour with minimum effort! Heat oil in a large frying pan. Pat ...

Theater Review: The Ensemble Triple Threat of Lucy Kirkwood’s The Children
shouts a woman standing in a spare, roughly furnished cottage kitchen at the start of Lucy Kirkwood’s potent ... ll wear sun cream and plan the week’s meals ahead and get a slow cooker … and I’ll stop ...

Man finds $46K hidden in donated slow cooker, tracks down 79-year-old owner
Jessee Diaz says it was just a normal day of taking donations at the San Diego facility. That was until he opened a slow cooker donated to the organization. When he opened the slow cooker, “In the box ...

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