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Handy all-round appliances for cooking

Mix vegetable soup creamy, mix healthy smoothies, put on sauces as in a good restaurant and blow desserts: A hand held blender is one of the most handy and versatile kitchen utensils at all. With its help, the menu is varied and fresh at the same time. The hand blender is ready to use, is easy to clean and store, no matter how big the kitchen is. Here you can find out what is important for the purchase of a stick blender:

Kitchen wizard for hand

The practical whisks are ideal for pureing vegetables, fruits and fillings. Mayonnaise, egg dough, jam or baby mash are also prepared quickly. Nuts and cheese are chopped as required, herbs are minted in seconds, and ice cubes for cocktails are also quickly crushed.

With the handheld blender, you always conjure tasty delicacies wherever you need the appliance, for example directly in the pots for soups and sauces or in bowls for desserts, salad dressings and barbecue marinades. So you save a lot of dishes and time when washing dishes. As you hold the stick blender in your hands, you will not only hear and see whether everything is already crumbling according to your ideas, but you also feel it. This allows you to precisely control whether and how fine remaining fruit pieces should be in jam.

The motor sits in the handle of the blender. Therefore, the entire design takes up little space. Thus the device disappears when not in the cabinet, a kitchen drawer or waits in the wall holder or a stand for its next use.

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The equipment is important

With their multi-knives, whisk, mix and shake hand blenders. The following characteristics are important distinguishing criteria of the different models.

engine power

The more power the engine has, the faster and more effortlessly food is crushed. Simple hand held blenders with 200 to 400 watts are mainly suitable for soft or precooked food. For hard food, these models quickly reach their limits. From about 600 watts the force is also enough for solid vegetables, nuts, frozen fruits and ice cubes. A higher engine power generally results in a higher working temperature – a plus for large families. In addition to the performance, the recommended operating time is also important because stick blender are only designed for short-term operation. The device should last at least 20 to 30 seconds in a single pass.

Power consumption and volume increase with performance. The noise factor is particularly noticeable with low-priced devices. Due to the short usage, the energy supply is hardly important. If a 400 watt device runs at a current rate of 25 ct per kilowatt hour (kWh) a total of 15 minutes a week, it costs less than 3 ct, with an 800 watt motor around 5 ct.


Pay attention to the weight when selecting your desired appliance: Hand mixer weigh between 600 and about 1,200 g – the lighter the better. The difference is particularly relevant when used frequently. At best, the stick blender is so light that it can be easily held with one hand.


Depending on the model, either the rotating blade in the foot or the complete rod can be removed. There are two variants for the connection between handle and rod: plug or screw. With wet hands, devices for plugging are an advantage, especially as a button press is sufficient to remove the stick blender after the work has been done.

cruise control

Via a speed controller with as many intermediate stages as possible, you can set the speed as required. This is especially useful for cautious mixing or blending and if nothing is to be overpowered. In practice, LEDs on the device display the selected speed level. Those who are in a hurry profit from a device with a turbotaster. This means that the maximum power is available with a push-button pressure, without having to increase the speed by means of a controller. The safety increases a switch-on lock, which prevents inadvertent activation.

The SmartSpeed ​​performance is particularly comfortable: With a hand chopper equipped with this technology, you can adjust the speed of the knife infinitely, depending on how strongly you press the control button on the device.

Various attachments

Toppings or slices for pureeing, mixing, creaming and dough stirring complete the knife and turn the hand blender into a genuine all-rounder in the kitchen. The attachments can be cleaned just as easily as the knife and can usually even be placed in the dishwasher.

Flexible cable

Some stick blenders have a flexible spiral cable that stretches and contracts again. This is practical at the stove, because it can not hang in the adjacent pot or on a hot stove plate.


For maximum safety when using a stick mixer, a switch-on inhibit prevents the appliance from starting every time it touches and that children accidentally turn on the hand chopper.


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What can only rodless stick blenders

Particularly practical are cordless handheld blender with battery operation, in which no cable interferes. This allows you to move freely between the stove and the work surface without having to move from one outlet to the next. When not in use, the whisk is in a charging station, which ensures full batteries. In the case of such battery blenders, the batteries are accommodated in the handle in addition to the motor, which becomes larger and heavier as a result. Consequently, an accumulator loses a little of its handiness. When buying a cordless model, make sure you have a long battery life.


Lots of accessories

Almost all hand blenders can be upgraded by individually available accessories. So the device grows with your requirements. If you like it completely from the beginning, you can access a complete set, which already contains the accessories.

For whipped cream or whipped cream, it is advisable to have a snowbower attachment. It lifts more air under the mass than the knife in the foot of the boom or a disc. A universal shredder shreds herbs and nuts. The potato attachment ensures fluffy potato and vegetable pies. Cutting and rasping inserts bring vegetables for salad or julienne into shape. Some manufacturers also have special knives in the range. Other practical extras include a high cup jar, a storage bag and the protective cap.


Alternatives: How to find the right multitalent

Stick blender supplement devices such as the kitchen machine or the countertop blender and can even replace them in parts when it comes to smaller quantities.

A stick blender can do a lot of what you would otherwise use a hand blender. If you decide to use a whisk with a snow beaker attachment, you will probably only get the hand blender from the drawer for kneading doughs and large cream or ice cubes. If it is mainly about baking and only occasionally around pureing, a handmixer with a purge bar attachment is recommended.

Smoothie maker play their advantages especially with milkshakes, smoothies, cocktails and crushed ice. Here you throw everything into the blender jar and off you go. Household blenders create up to 24,000 revolutions per minute, high-performance choppers turn even higher to unlock vegetables and leaf for green smoothies. To make soups and sauces pureed, however, you must refill the ingredients – this is cumbersome and leads to heat loss.

The classic kitchen machine with agitator is superior to the stick blender for performance and endurance. Their strengths are the kneading of heavy doughs and the processing of large quantities as well as the rasping and grinding with attachments. However, even small kitchen machines devour quite a bit of space on the work surface and the cleaning is complex.


Immediately clean again

For cleaning, keep the blender briefly under running warm water – ready. This can be done most easily immediately after use, even before food residues can dry. In the case of fatty foods, pure water is often not enough. In this case, place warm water with a little dishwashing liquid in a high container and allow the hand held blender to run briefly. Then hold it under clean water – ready. And if the time is not enough to clean the stick immediately, place it temporarily in a container of water, then do not dry. This way, you can also get sticky foodstuffs away if something sticks.

Tips: Always work with a dipped foot, then do not spray at full speed. For frothy sauces, however, keep the blender slightly at an angle to allow air to enter. A kitchen utensil placed above the pot as a spray protector keeps the kitchen clean.

When processing tomato-containing sauces and soups, discolouration can occur with instruments with a plastic rod, which can not be rinsed easily with water. Then it helps to stick the stick with some edible oil. It binds the red color particles, which can then be washed off easily with detergent.

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