Adviser for cheap hot plates and cookers

hot plate loscato

Buy this cooking plate on eBay. Hot plates – Space-saving cooking plates for the small kitchen   Practical cooking plates are ideally suited if you do not have much space in the kitchen, for example in the student’s home or as a mobile cooking place. There are different versions, either with classic cast iron plates […]

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Purchase advice handheld blenders

Handheld Blender by Hamilton Beach

Buy this handheld blender on eBay. Handy all-round appliances for cooking Mix vegetable soup creamy, mix healthy smoothies, put on sauces as in a good restaurant and blow desserts: A hand held blender is one of the most handy and versatile kitchen utensils at all. With its help, the menu is varied and fresh at the […]

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Buy cheap Pasta Makers

pasta maker

Buy this Pasta Maker on Amazon Purchase advice for Pasta Makers Make pasta by yourself Everyone loves pasta. Pasta dishes are simply delicious and suitable for many occasions: as a lunch for the little ones, as a quick weekend of delicacies for the weekend or as a refined variant for guests. Get the Italian lifestyles […]

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Best Ice Cream Makers to buy online

ice cream maker

Buy this ice cream maker on Amazon Ice machines for household highlights Why look in the refrigerated shelf, when you can prepare delicious ice cream in your own individual tastes? With fully automatic ice cream maker, you will ensure personal highlights in your household. The devices are easy to use and score with many practical […]

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Cheap Popcorn Poppers – buy the best kitchen appliance online!

popcorn popper

Buy this popcorn popper on Amazon Purchase advice popcorn poppers Fresh snacks for the home cinema What would be cinema without popcorn? Countless home cinemas have to do without the fluffy nash. It is so simple to complete the cinema feeling at home with homemade popcorn – popcorn poppers make it possible! And even on […]

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The best Juicers for your kitchen


Buy this juicer on Amazon Checklist for the purchase of a juicer • Decide according to the preferences, frequency of use and preferred fruit and vegetable varieties for a specific type of juicer. Citrus juices, centrifugal juicers and juice presses are available. • Consider whether you want to preserve your juice and store it in […]

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How to find the best Food Dehydrator

Shelf Tray Dehydrators vs. stacking system Buy this food dehydrator on Amazon Dehydrating food is in a trend again: the old preservation method inhibits the multiplication of unwanted microorganisms and spares the contained nutrients unlike the heating of food. If you are not looking for the best Food Dehydrator for $30, you will usually find […]

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Which water filter is the right one for my kitchen?

Water filter – for unclouded drinking Water filters convert ordinary tap water into pure drinking water with optimized quality. They effectively reduce the carbonate hardness of the water and also reduce the concentration of other flavor-impairing substances such as chlorine, lead and copper. This not only gives you healthy drinking water with a pure taste, […]

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