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Grilling even in the cold season or in bad weather? No problem: Just unpack your indoor grill and place the grill into the living room! The flexible electric grills are available in different sizes, designs and performance levels for every taste. What you should consider when buying a electric indoor grill and how to find out which indoor grill is exactly right for your needs, you will find out below.

Also indoors delicious dishes barbecue

If you feel like a grilled meal in the middle of November, or if a strong thunderstorm in the garden stags you in August, a electric grill for indoor use will provide you with valuable services. Indoor grills are lightweight and compact, so they can also be placed on a small dining table, on the kitchen counter, on a balcony or terrace. And thanks to electric heating elements, indoor grills – instead of smoke clouds like charcoal or gas – only exude the pleasant smell of fried meat or vegetables.

Cooking like the Japanese

With a electric indoor grill you can also get Asian flair to your home: Teppanyaki is a highlight of the Japanese cuisine and refers to the heating of food (Japanese “Yaki”) over a hot steel plate (Japanese “Teppan”). This is theoretically possible with every electric grill, but you can only celebrate this kind of cooking on special teppanyaki grills with flat metal or glass plates without grate.

Compact indoor grills for the small round

Due to their compact dimensions and their low weight, indoor grills are more suitable for small rounds with four to a maximum of six people. For comparison: While a “grown” garden grille on a grill area of ​​up to 100 x 50 cm brings, even a large indoor grill with approximately 40 x 30 cm much less space for meat and vegetables.

Tip: In the product description, look at the grilling area, as the dimensions of the appliances are often much larger than the grilling area. If this information is missing, a glance at the product illustration provides information on the relationship between the outer dimensions and the grill area. Often, half of the entire surface is available for grilling when using devices with particularly bulging housings.

Particularly compact electric grills have very small grill plates with a side dimension of only 15 to 25 cm. Such mini-grills are therefore more suitable for a romantic dinner for two as for a barbecue evening with friends.

It’s the plate

The grill plate on which the food is heated and crispy is different depending on the design of your indoor grill.

Classic grill grate

The classic grill grate is a miniature version of the grilling area known from the grill and with closely spaced metal bars. This gives meat and vegetables the characteristic grill pattern on the top and bottom. A stainless steel grate with non-stick coating or a very light aluminum die-cast can be easily removed and, if necessary, also cleaned in the dishwasher. This is also practical because the cleaning of a grate rust by means of sponge or cloth is somewhat more complex than with a planar grill plate.

Metal grill plate

With a planar metal plate as a grill surface, you do not have to do without the typical grill strips, but cleaning is much faster. Also, nothing can drop or fall on the heating rods. Grill plates made of aluminum or stainless steel are usually provided with a non-stick coating in different colors, can be separated from the grill base and are usually dishwasher safe.

Glass plate

Some indoor electric grills use glass plates as grill surfaces similar to those on your electric cooker. The break-resistant, heat-resistant special glass is insensitive to scratches, ensures an even heat distribution and avoids the sticking of food on the plate. Even with glass plates nothing can drop or fall from the food. For easy cleaning, you can remove the dishwasher-proof glass plates from the grill housing.

Combination plates

A few indoor grills flat glass or metal surfaces and hinged metal grids in one housing. Then you have the choice between the classic barbecue grill with “pattern” and the Asian-inspired, continuous barbecue area.

The power of a indoor grill ranges from rather modest 800 watts to a remarkable 2,400 watts. For the gentle roasting of vegetables and wafer-thin meat slices as in the Asian kitchen, 800 to 1,500 watts are sufficient. If, however, you want to bring crispy grill sausages and thick chops to temperature, your electric indoor grill should cost 2,000 watts and more. Especially when the steaks are stewed fiercely, indoor grills quickly reach their limits – the fewest models are able to reach the temperatures required for rapid brushing of more than 300 degrees. Regardless of the performance, most indoor grills can be heated to maximum temperatures between 190 and 250 degrees.

Tip: If you are a steak lover, you should check with the product details and, if necessary, on the manufacturer website for the maximum grilling temperature. Exceptionally high-quality electric grills bring out up to 380 degrees from a 2,000-watt heating element – enough for perfect steaks, the outside tanned and juicy inside.


Special equipment: You should pay attention to this

Depending on the design and the price class, indoor grills with interesting features are waiting for you. The following is an overview of the most important extras.

Collection container for grease

To ensure that frying juice and fat do not run on the table, electric indoor grills are equipped with lateral grease collecting troughs and a collecting container hidden under the grill plate. When purchasing, make sure that the collection tub is easy to remove for cleaning and pouring.

Separately adjustable grill plates

Many indoor grills have two independent grill plates, which can be removed separately. This sizzles two or three sausages on a single plate or you can continue to griddle while cleaning a dirty plate. For high-quality models, you can even regulate the temperature of the two plates separately – while on the left plate the meat fires at a high temperature, the vegetables are carefully cooked on the right plate. You can also use a separately adjustable plate as a warm holding zone with a particularly low temperature.


With a suitable hood or glass cover you ensure an even temperature distribution during grilling. This means that you do not have to keep the kitchen tongs constantly, as the top of the food does not cool down so quickly.


Some indoor/electric grills are delivered together with a separate stand, so that you can build the unit also space-saving next to the tabke or in good weather on the balcony or in the garden.

Digital display and temperature sensor

High-tech grills are equipped with finely graded temperature regulators and a digital display of the current power stage to cook dishes to the point. Some models even offer a probe for determining the core temperature, in order to be able to grill steaks as a professional cook.


Tips for safe handling of your new indoor grill

Since a electric grill is a high-performance electrical appliance whose heating elements produce extreme heat, you should take the following safety considerations into consideration:

Indoor electric grills are designed for use in dry rooms. Do not expose the unit to moisture or moisture. However, some devices are also certified for outdoor use – refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Never leave children near the bench grate unattended during operation.
Make sure that the power cord does not come into contact with the hot grill surface. The insulation could melt, causing a short circuit or the grate or the housing to be energized.
To clean the individual components, indoor grills can be dismantled almost completely. While the grate or plate, as well as the grease tray, can usually easily move into the sink or the dishwasher, the outer housing must not come into contact with water and should be cleaned separately with a damp cloth. Disconnect the appliance from the mains before cleaning the outer housing.

Practical accessories for grilling
The right accessory for grills provides even more fun when cooking in your own four walls. Of course, you can also access many products that have been designed for conventional grills. The spectrum ranges from turning tongs and grills, marinating brushes and sprays to temperature sensors and cover covers.


Conclusion: Enjoy indoor BBQ!

A indoor grill not only makes you independent of the weather and the season, but also ensures a true experience gastronomy in your own living room.

There are occasional grills, which only occasionally start the barbecue, can already enjoy the benefits of a compact mini-table grill for $20 to $30 . Even in this favorable price class, models with an impressive performance of more than 2,000 watts are available. If you do without steaks and want to save energy, comes with an inexpensive 800 watt model.
Hobby kitchens with a pronounced grilled personality will find in the price segment between $50 and $100 . Here you will find solid and long-lasting indoorgrills of all sizes and performance classes.
On the other hand, professional experts are taking advantage of luxury equipment in the price range of between $100 and $300. Here are very powerful electric grills for demanding cooks with high-quality housings, lavishly sized grill surfaces and rich special equipment such as digital temperature control, multiple cooking zones or integrated core temperature sensor.

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