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A culinary experience

To invite friends or family to eat in your own home is something wonderful! Your guests will be delighted that they will be lovingly catered for, and you will be delighted when it tastes all. But if you are quite honest, you can also experience a rather exhausting time with all the preparation and being entertained despite happy hours. A pleasant evening without much stress, on the other hand, you will experience with your loved ones, when many delicacies are on the table in small bowls – and a fondue set is steaming in the middle! Whether it’s cheese, hot oil, broth, meat, fish or chocolate, fondue is the perfect way to celebrate the preparation together with your guests and stay in a convivial atmosphere without retiring as a host to the kitchen. Which device fits perfectly to your needs? In this shopping guide you will find information on the following:

Fondues: Small kitchen helpers – great pleasure

In the cold months, Christmas or New Year’s Eve, fondue is a popular party dish. For hours you can chat with your friends and chat, but it will not get boring to even the smallest. Each guest is as busy as you are: choose an ingredient according to your taste, spit a piece of it with a fondue fork and keep it in the hot pot on the table. This pot is filled according to the dish with broth or hot oil, with viscous cheese or melted chocolate. If the meat or the vegetables, the bread with cheese or the fruit are covered with chocolate, get the finished treats on your plate. Now combine with sauces, dips or side dishes – done.

You can prepare the meal relaxed on the previous day. Just before the guests arrive, you only need to heat broth or oil, melt cheese or chocolate. And best of all, you can enjoy the whole evening together without stress! To make a successful fondue, use other utensils, which are usually included in the set: a cauquelon (called the fondue pot), which is kept warm on a rechaud (a kind of warmer), and small skewers with barbed hooks, so that the Not lost in the pot, and preformed plates for dips or fondue dishes for homemade sauces.

The large selection of fondues

The original fondue dish consists of melted cheese, in which bread pieces are dipped. Over time, however, numerous popular variants have developed. For example, you can cook meat, fish, or vegetables in a broth made from hot oil or broth, or you can dip apple, banana or anan pieces into melted chocolate. Now it is important to consider whether you choose a fondue set that offers special advantages for a dish, or choose one with which all the dishes can be prepared.

One for all: Fondue all-rounder made of metal

Would you like to try out all the fondue dishes? Then choose the best model for a metal model. Stainless steel and cast iron keep the very high temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius, which are necessary for a brewing or hot oil fondue. A splash guard is usually included in the set. At the same time you can easily use the metal pot for heating a cheese-wine mass. Then, however, you should set aside the splash guard so that the cheese is not caught in it.

Cheese fondue: the classic ceramic

If you already know that you would like to use the Cauquelon mainly for cheese fondue, a ceramic pot is recommended. Because for this dish, you do not need high temperatures as for the versions with oil or broth, but you only need to keep the melted cheese a little warm so that it can not solidify and you can type in your bread. Ceramics dissipate heat slowly and is therefore ideally suited for this purpose. In addition, these pots, especially made for cheese fondue, with their large surface and low height, offer the perfect form for moving bread pieces thrown with the fork. Some manufacturers manufacture the pots of multi-layered material so that they are also suitable for the stove and can be used for cooking all year.

Chocolate fondue: ceramic tablet for smokers

Particularly popular with children’s birthdays or with freshly-loved ones: who is fresh and sweet, comes with a chocolate fondue full of its culinary costs. The favorite is dipped in chocolate. Similar to the cheese variant, chocolate must not be heated too much, but also needs a slow heat supply, which is why chocolate fondues are made of ceramics. However, the pots are much smaller, since not much chocolate is needed for the dipping of the fruit pieces.

Buy a beautiful vintage fondue set.

Once you have chosen a variant, select the heat source you prefer. Originally fondue was prepared over an open fire, so you can not create such a camp fire romance at home, of course. However, you can put some cheese and chocolate fondue models on a warmer in which a candle flickers. Far less romantic, but much more effective is an alcohol burner. A small tank is filled with alcohol – ignited, the burner keeps the pot hot for hours. A little more comfortable, but also a little more expensive in the purchase, is an electric fondue set. This has the advantage that the burner does not have to be filled and ignited in advance, in addition it works in the permanent operation without annoying refilling, the food interrupts. In addition, electrical fondue sets do not pose a fire hazard. Rechauds filled with alcohol can also cause an unpleasant odor. Alternatively, use stirrer gels which are odorless.

It is also worthwhile to think about the size of the device before purchase. Standard sets are offered for six people, models for up to eight people are also available. If your guests are very hungry, a large set can already be worth four persons – then everyone can use several fondue forks. For a larger group, it may also be useful to place two smaller devices on the table. Here, however, you must bear in mind that the talks between the two groups may also be shared. Chocolate fondues are usually offered for two persons.

Hearty or sweet? Dishes for every taste

With the many dishes, which you can conjure with a fondue, the right one for every palate! Most of the sets are even supplied with a small recipe booklet. The oldest variant, the cheese fondue, typically consists of melted cheese with white wine and a shot of cherry water. Depending on the type of cheese selected, taste also varies. “Fondue savoyarde”, the famous fondue from France, is made from a mixture of Emmentaler, Comté and Beaufort, and you can taste the bits of white bread or potatoes in the melt. To combine the ingredients better, add a little bit of starch to the mighty cheese fondue with a light and fresh accompaniment salad.

Hot oil or broth fondue is excellently suited as winter food. After this, no one will go home shivering! To cook meat, fish or vegetables in the fondue pot, you have the choice between hot oil or tasty broth. The oil must be allowed to heat to 180 degrees Celsius, which is why not all oils are suitable. Sunflower oil, peanut oil and soya oil have proven their worth. Keep a wooden stick in the boiling liquid: rise bubbles, the perfect temperature is reached. It is best to fill the cauquelon only halfway so that the hot liquid does not boil over or splash out.

For fish fowls, fish species that are somewhat firmer, such as pikeperch or salmon, are recommended. Seafood and prawns can also be deliciously prepared in the fondue pot. For this purpose, you should use a strong broth and a green salad with lemon dressing. Another tip: with a touch of ginger and soy sauce you create an Asian flavor. A good alternative is the Winzervariante – a Weinfondue. Red and white wines are equally good for meat dishes. If you put the meat in the freezer for about 40 minutes, it can be cut into mouth-perfect pieces. For fish and meat, you are advised with 200 g per person, similar to cheese.

All chocolate varieties are suitable for a chocolate fondue. White chocolate suits particularly well with strawberries. Which fruits you choose depends entirely on your taste. Children will be delighted when they are allowed to dice cake pieces, marshmellows or gummy bears into the chocolate mass.

Best brands for fondue sets

Optimally maintained: This will clean your fondue

Particularly with cheese fondue many wonder how the strong smelling remnants are ever to disappear from the fondue pot. Like cheeses, the cheeses stick stubbornly to the dishes. With a sponge and warm water with dishwashing detergent you can do little, the cheese then only pulls more threads. Allow the pot to cool better and remove the coarse dirt with a paper towel. Then add cold water, add a little baking soda and leave the cauquelon standing overnight. The next day, the fondue head can be easily cleaned with a brush. But do not forget: Swiss call the cooled cheese crust in the “witch” pot and then eat it with a special fork – you can scrub the chocolate crust from a ceramic pot with warm water and dishwashing detergent Dishwasher.


These accessories make fondues even more fun

Typically a fondue set contains everything you need for a successful evening: fondue pan, warmer, fondue forks, spoon, small bowls or small plates. Sometimes you buy a model but only as a single device. You then urgently need fondue forks as the most important accessory. These are equipped with barbed hooks at the front end so you do not lose your bit of fish, meat or vegetables in the hot pot. Usually, the cutlery is made of stainless steel, depending on the material of the handle it is decided whether the cutlery is suitable for the dishwasher. If your food crumbles during the bite, it is recommended to use fondue sieves or fondue baskets. These are made of solid and mobile material and are especially suitable for fish fodders. Practical is also a silicone spoon with built-in thermometer: with it you achieve the optimum temperature for your desired dish and can additionally stir a little, for example, to get the best consistency with cheese or chocolate.


Conclusion: Which fondue set is right for you?

For many social events a fondue is a good idea: as a host you have little effort, guests can choose the ingredients themselves. But the selection of fondue models is great. In order to make the decision easier for you, the essential points are summarized here:

  • Do you prefer cheese fondue, hot oil or brew fondue or chocolate fondue?
  • If you would like to use your appliance for all dishes, we recommend a metal all-rounder. If you use the pot mainly for cheese or chocolate fondue, choose a ceramic variant.
  • If you appreciate the benefits of an electric fondue, you have to do without the romanticism of real fire. This is where safety comes first.
  • How many people would like to enjoy your fondue? Fondue sets are available for two, six or eight people.
  • Whatever the dish you choose, calculate with cheese, fish and meat with about 200 g per person.
  • Sticky cheeses are best removed with cold water and a little baking soda.
  • The most important accessories are high quality fondue forks! Fondue sieves or fondue baskets are best suited for ingredients that can easily disintegrate, for example fish.

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