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Kitchen scales are an irreplaceable accessory for every household. This is the only way to measure individual ingredients exactly – only baking by recipe is possible. On our website you will find a large selection of kitchen scales of various sizes from various brands and in modern colors. Discover high-quality devices in trendy materials and practical functions from the LCD display to the automatic switch-off. A flat digital kitchen scale is easy to stow away.

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Every chef knows how important the right amount of ingredients is. Only with the perfectly matched quantity goes the Soufflé beautifully and the cake dough is gorgeous juicy – there is a good kitchen scale is essential. Reliable and accurate is the perfect kitchen scales and in the ideal case still look pretty. In order to find the right scale for you, you will learn more about the following points in this sales consultant:

Beautiful classics and elegant technology

A kitchen scale makes it easy for you to carefully weigh the ingredients for cooking or baking. But it is also suitable for weighing letters and parcels, or for determining the weight of small objects. In the case of kitchen scales, you can distinguish between the following models:

Similar kitchen scales have their special charm, because they still remember the old scales of grandmother. The mechanical scales are not only an object of use but also a decoration element in your kitchen. The clear advantage is the constant availability. These scales do not eat batteries, they run without electricity and are therefore environmentally friendly and always operational.

Digital scales are the modern descendants of mechanical scales. They are usually very handy and therefore easy to store. Thanks to modern technology, they accurately weigh the amount to the gram. They are also often flexible in terms of the unit of measurement, whether you want to measure for example in grams, milliliters or in pounds.

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Flat kitchen scales are among the digital scales. They are particularly suitable for small kitchens, but also for lovers of a clear, elegant style, because they often look simple but high-quality. The technology finds space on an ever smaller space, meanwhile there are even models, which are not even 2 cm thick.

There are, however, also arguments for kitchen scales with bowls. On the other hand, you have the advantage of not having to weigh the weight of your bowl before you weigh it before you measure the flour. Make sure that the bowl is dishwasher-safe to avoid overheating.

High-quality materialsy

Kitchen scales are usually made of metal, stainless steel, glass or plastic. These materials are appreciated because they are robust, but also hygienic. Hardened safety glass and stainless steel also have a very noble effect. Plastic makes it possible to produce the kitchens in all possible colors and to have your favorite color at hand. For which model you choose depends on which material you like to touch, because cooking is a very haptic activity.

Best brands for kitchen scales:

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Heavy loads for filigree models

Although the scales differ in their size visually, they do not have anything to do with their respective load bearing capacity. Most kitchen scales can measure about 2 to 5 kg. If you like to cook for your large family, it is advisable to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The measuring units also differ from model to model. Smaller balance scales have even measuring steps of 0.1 g. In order to conjure the perfect lemon tarte, you are already very well with 0.5 g sensors – so you can weigh even the smallest quantities. The larger scales usually start at 1 g, some measure the weight in 5 g increments.

If you choose a digital scale, you usually need batteries. Note that these are usually not included in the scope of supply. Most scales come with AAA batteries, but often several are needed. Other scales are operated with button cells.


Extra functions allow an even more comfortable cooking

The modern kitchen scales are not limited to short-throwing a weight on them. Numerous additional functions make everyday life easier for you.

A very practical option is the tare function for many models. With it, you can gradually fill the ingredients into the bowl and set the balance scale back to zero after each ingredient. So you do not need to complicate your ingredients or use different containers.

Some models have a hold function, so you can remove the bowl from the scale and the weight is displayed further. Many digital scales also have a battery indicator that warns you when the battery tends to end. To ensure that this does not happen too quickly, some balance scales have an automatic switch-off. After some time without new impulses, these scales automatically switch to standby mode.

Constantly in use and still clean – that’s how simple it is

As a rule, kitchen scales are easy to maintain. The material is usually robust and easy to clean, a damp cloth is often enough. If you also want to use detergents, a mild detergent is a good choice.

Conclusion: Which kitchen scale is right for you?

A kitchen scale holds several years, so you should consider which model fits into your kitchen and which functions meet your requirements. Ask yourself the following questions before buying:

  • Would you rather have a digital or mechanical scale? Depending on whether you prefer classic design or modern technology, you can decide.
  • Is it important to you that the balance scale runs without power?
  • Should the scale be as flat as possible? Or maybe even an integrated container? The decision may be taken depending on whether you want to store the scale space-saving or to position it visibly in your kitchen.
  • What materials do you like? Do you prefer metal or glass, plastic or stainless steel?
    Are there extra features that you value?

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