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Who does not know this? They organize a celebration, be it a round birthday or a funny get-together, and the people do not arrive on time, but gradually. You have already begun the preparations for the meal the day before. This was prepared on time and waited, still steaming, for consumption. Since the guests arrive late and do not go straight to the table, the first dishes are already cold and lose their taste. This is a pity and annoyance, but does not have to be. Why is there a Chafing Dish or a Warming Tray? The main task of the Chafing Dish can also be derived from this: keeping food warm until consumption and thus avoiding loss of taste.

Chafing Dishes models

What you need to look out for when buying a Chafing Dish, so that you can benefit from an optimal taste experience later, we have explained in more detail below. A list of the most important purchase criteria can be found below:

  • The performance
  • The handling
  • The usable area
  • The additional equipment
  • The security

A Warming Tray, also known as a chafing dish, is a device for keeping food at a certain temperature level. The tray is available in a wide variety of designs. These explanations differ, among other things, in terms of their design, their performance and the available usable area.

Structure and function

Chafing Dishes are not necessarily present in the shape of a rectangular hot plate. The so-called food containers are an alternative. They are preferred by catering companies at larger events.

The functioning of the Warming Tray is always similar. Each model provides a base area. The corresponding foodstuffs are arranged thereon. The base is then heated by means of an open flame or electrical current. In order to store the generated heat, some plates also have a lid, which prevents the heat from moving upwards again.

The Chafing Dish, which is operated with an open fire, is becoming increasingly rare today. The reason for this is that the electrical current is more reliable. A burning candle can be blown out once by an air blow. In addition, candles present an increased risk for children, because they can inadvertently get caught in the flame and burns.

Fondues and raclette are a special form of Chafing Dishes. They are also operated either with electric current or with tealights. The disadvantage of the tea light is that it develops a relatively weak, not uniformly distributed heat. Such Warming Trays can not be left unattended for this reason. The food on it must be moved once and forwards, so that it is evenly heated.


Particularly practical are warming tray, which do not have to be supplied with power permanently via a power cable. These models have a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be charged before eating and then releases heat continuously over a period of time. The advantage of such chafer is that no guests are disturbed by a power cable that crosses the table during eating. In addition, the cable can no longer develop into an embarrassing or disturbing tripping trap.

Another important feature of chafing dishes is the warm-up time. This is a maximum of five minutes for high-powered devices. If you decide to use an electric holding plate, it should ideally be equipped with a rotary control knob. With this, the heat emitted can be controlled according to individual needs. Devices with cables should also have an appropriate cable reel. With this the corresponding device could then be stored saving space.

Some manufacturers offer an additional expansion module in combination with their basic module. With the expansion modules, the chafer can be enlarged twice. The plates are also suitable for larger rounds on social evenings. When selecting the tray, you should also pay attention to an existing overflow edge. This prevents overcooking food from running down to the work surface and has to be cleaned out there for a long period of time.


A high degree of safety when handling the chafer is achieved by an integrated overheating protection. It ensures that the chafer automatically switches off if the temperature is suspiciously high. Please also check whether the device has a child safety device before purchase. It prevents the device from being switched on or off without the knowledge of the parents.
Warming trays must meet the requirements of the European Union. Otherwise these may not be used in Germany, nor in other European countries. Luckily, all devices meet the corresponding specifications. The standards concern, among other things, the characteristics of the power cable and the integrated heating plates. The use of holding plates with tealight is in no way restricted by a standard. However, much more time is required for warming the tray.


In order to work properly with a chafing dish, you also need the right accessories. The manufacturers offer an extensive selection of bowls and cutlery in this context. As a rule, the cutlery are generously shaped forks. Due to their gentle plastic coating, these are well suited for use with the non-stick coatings of the chafes. In contrast to conventional cutlery, they do not leave any unsightly scratches and stripes. A further advantage is that these tools are generally dishwasher safe and do not have to be cleaned by hand.

The cleaning

Cleaning also plays an important role in selecting the warming tray. It is considerably facilitated by the use of non-stick coatings. The special feature of non-stick coatings is that they prevent the baking of the foodstuffs. When using the warming tray, however, make sure that no one is scratching the appliance with the fork or the knife, otherwise the coating will be damaged. It can then no longer be replaced. It is ideal when the entire holding device can be disassembled for cleaning. If necessary, there are also individual parts which can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The assembly must of course be made just as easy.

If you have studied the previous information in detail, you should have no problem with obtaining the correct chafer.
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