Donut Maker and Cupcake Maker: Best Sellers and purchase advice

Donut Maker

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Bake the pastry dough in five minutes

Do you like sweet pastry like from the USA? Then, for breakfast or afternoon coffee, you can enjoy some fresh donuts. With a donut maker you bring the American pastry with the prominent hole in the middle in a few minutes wonderfully smelling on the table. Multifunctional appliances also turn a little dough into trendy muffins, bagels and cake pops – all without oven or fryer. In this purchase advice, read out the features of a suitable table utensil and how you can use the clever kitchen utensils to make the perfect donuts.

Make donuts professionally

Donuts are the trend and adorn the display of many coffeeshops – with a donut maker, the hip dough crumbs can be made easily at home. So you can determine the amount of sugar according to your personal preferences and be sure that no allergens are included in the treat. With these clever kitchen utensils, you can also prepare small quantities quickly without first having to preheat the oven. This saves you time and energy. In contrast to frying in the fryer or in the pot on the stove, you do not need any oil and can make the dessert calorie-less.

Donut makers function similarly to waffle iron and are non-stick coated on the upper and lower heating plates. The dough can be prepared with very little fat – and without the danger. When filling into the indentations of the baking surface, the dough is automatically divided into the desired shape – including the typical hole. Thanks to the easy handling, the practical kitchen helpers are well suited to the common back fun with children.

Mini-donut maker and multifunctional machines

Donut makers differ in terms of capacity and functionality. For the quick dessert or the small snack between, mini-donut machines are ideal for up to seven donuts. The practical dessert makers cost less than $30 and provide families with up to four persons for dessert with pastry dough rings. To make donuts with various colored glazes for the children’s birthday or to make enough pastry for the great coffee, devices with a capacity of twelve donuts are well suited.

Maximum flexibility is provided by devices with several backplates. Depending on your mood, you can exchange the tin and bake donuts, bagels, muffins, cake pops, pies or puff pastry. So you can also bring hearty snacks to the table, without using an oven or microwave. Including sets with three baking plates, the multifunctional donut maker costs no more than $45.

That makes up a good donut maker

In order for the dough crumbs to be finished quickly, your donut maker should have sufficient baking power. Devices with 700 watts or more take about five minutes to finish the handy nash. Baking your children diligently, a thermally insulated housing is particularly important to minimize the risk of burning.

Safety is also ensured by overheating protection and anti-slip rubber feet, which ensure stability. An operating control light and a standby indicator, which signals the end of the warm-up phase, facilitate the handling of the device, as well as a cable reel.

A temperature control and a back-up lamp, which indicates when the donuts are ready, are not available. As the lid can be opened at any time, a simple visual inspection provides information about the degree of browning – the dough crumbs are not yet ready, just leave them for a minute or two.

So the donut succeeds

The secret of an optimal pastry crumble of the American type lies not only in the right baking, but also in the dough.

  • A simple base dough stir from yeast or baking powder, milk, flour and sugar.
  • As soon as the appliance is ready for operation after a short heat-up period, grease the forms of the heating plate at the top and bottom with a little margarine.
  • Using a baking brush will do the best.
  • Depending on the dough and desired degree of browning, the delicious pastry particles are ready after four to six minutes of baking time.
  • Carefully loosen the donuts with a soft dough scraper from the edge. Hard objects such as knives or forks are unsuitable – they could damage the non-stick seal.
  • Use a sugar or a couverture to round off your donut.
  • You can also add a topping of chocolate pieces, colorful sprinkles or coconut flakes. Alternatively, the minikringel can be simply dipped in jam, nut-nougat cream or cream.

Tip: If it is particularly fast to go, there are donut-pastry mixes in the refrigerated shelves of well-stocked supermarkets. Apart from that, there are numerous recipes, with which you can bake tasty dough chimes to taste.

Donut-Maker care made easy

Just as uncomplicated as the use is also the care and cleaning of a donut maker. For the first start-up, there is only one point to consider: Leave the unit idle for about ten minutes and ventilate well. On the non-stick coating, production residues evaporate, which can be harmless, but can smell unpleasant.

For cleaning, disconnect the appliance from the mains, cool the baking plates, and wipe them with a damp cloth and some detergent. Do not use sharp objects or hard brushes or abrasive cleaners: they could damage the non-stick seal.

Replaceable baking plates are often dishwasher-proof – look in the manual, which programs and dishwashing agents are suitable. Dough residues on the housing can be wiped off most easily if the appliance is still slightly warm.

Conclusion: Enjoy sweet sins quickly

Donuts taste freshest best, the consistency is then beautifully fluffy and juicy. With a donut maker you can enjoy the American treat in only about five minutes. You do not have to preheat the oven or heat the oil in the fryer.

  • With the easy-to-handle kitchen aid, you form part of the delicious dough crumbs in one work process.
  • You can make the dough yourself according to taste and nutritional requirements and tan to the desired degree of crispness.
  • Appliances for up to seven donuts cost less than $30 are ideally suited for dessert production, twelve of them should be for the coffee table or the children’s party.
  • Multifunctional models with exchangeable baking plates are available for $45 and these also allow the preparation of muffins, cake pops and pies. Thanks to non-stick coating, the cleaning of the pastry and cleaning is a child’s play for all donut makers.

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Cheap Cupcake Maker

Cupcake maker
Cupcake Maker
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To the cupcake maker
A cupcake is – similar to a muffin – baked in a small baking dish. As a coronation, the sweet particle is decorated with a cream or another beautiful topping. Very popular for garnishing are cream caps, which can be monochrome or colorful.

Cupcake Maker: the alternative to the oven

If you love the fresh little cupcakes, but still does not always turn on the oven, it is good to think about buying a cupcake maker. The prices for the current models are affordable and they are available in many colors. Models in pastel tones, such as the variants from the manufacturer Bestron, are very popular. But also pink models like those of the companies Princess and TV The original are always gladly used makers.

Even untrained cupcake bakers will like these special equipment, because you only need a good dough and you can get started. The typical cupcake shape, thanks to the impressions on the maker plates, comes from all alone. Some models even offer removable shelves. For example, the Princess Magic Bakery 3 in 1 will be a waffle maker, a donut maker or a cupcake maker.

Easy operation and a delicious result

Thanks to the many recipes, which can be found online or the small recipes, which are often included in the package, the most untraditional baker will be able to enjoy a delicious and delicious cupcake. The maker has only to be connected to the power and it can start. A detailed guide is included in the scope of delivery and should of course be read beforehand. There are versions with a back-up for tanning. This is the right time to end the baking process. For many amateur bakers, the annoying cleaning of such machines is a pain. Cleaning after use can not be prevented, but thanks to an anti-stick coating can be made much easier.


Can you bring fresh cupcakes to the table in minutes and without an oven? Yes, you can! The practical cupcake maker helps with this. Untrained bakers and kitchen beginners can quickly and easily become their first homemade cupcake. These baking aids are not very expensive and they are available in different colors and sizes. The operation is usually very simple. Some models are equipped with extra accessories, such as interchangeable plates, a small prescription book or small baking dishes. But also variants with comfort functions such as anti-stick coating or tanning displays are available.

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