What should I consider when buying a food processor?

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If you have decided to buy a food processor, then I advise you to pay particular attention to these things:

  • Performance
  • Size / capacity
  • Features
  • Extras like different knives and attachments


If you want to expose your food processor to heavy jobs, such as almond butter, dates or heavy cakes or bread doughs, the power level is very important. The Thermomix has 500W and creates almond butter almost without problems, likewise it creates heavy dough like yeast dough. At Hummus he fails in my opinion but and dates crushing or energiebällchen are with Thermi also no more joy. I advise you to a machine with a power rating of 600W, you should have bigger things with your device. The Magimix 5200XL * has 1100W whereby the consistency of Hummus and Co. is around worlds better than with the Thermomix.

Size / capacity

Should you only occasionally use a shredder, then small devices, in the trade are gladly called “mini food processor”, for you certainly enough. But if you give a whole family or a 2 meter person, you should buy a device that has a certain capacity. Two liters should be with a family unit already.


Most of the food processors have only one step, which seemed to me to be a bit strange at first, as I was accustomed to mixing several stages. The good appliances also have a “pulse” function, which is important to give short but strong impulses or to chop nuts and herbs only very briefly and not to process flour or mash.


The larger and more expensive devices usually come with cool extras such as citrus press or rasping functions. If you are not so important then you can gladly on smaller models with less Schnickschnack back. Unfortunately, performance and snicker are often hand in hand, so you have to plan accordingly in the kitchen, attic or cellar.

Best brands for food processors:

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8 things you can do with a food processor

  1. Knead the dough and knead

    With a food processor, stirring and kneading dough for pastry or pasta becomes a matter of minutes. The constant rotation of the blade replaces the tedious kneading and ensures a smooth dough – without any sticky residue on the fingers. If you like to eat homemade pasta, but do not mind the effort, you can save time and muscle with a food processor.

  2. Chop the nuts

    Chopping nuts for desserts, cakes or muesli – nothing is easier for a food processor. Its robust blades also get very hard nuts very quickly, so the work is done in seconds.

  3. Peanut butter

    For peanut butter, peanuts are crushed and stirred until they become a creamy mass like butter. A food processor brings the right blades and the necessary performance. Tasty butter can also be produced from all other nuts, such as almonds or pistachios.

  4. Soup and smoothies

    If you prefer to enjoy your vegetables as a creamy soup or start the day with a healthy smoothie, you will get your ingredients in the food processor and get puree puree. It does not matter whether fruits and vegetables are hard or soft, high-quality appliances can cope with all consistencies.

  5. Pesto

    Pesto is a real hit in fast food – even if you do it yourself. The basis for each pesto is nuts and kernels, such as pine nuts, walnuts or pistachios. These are chopped and processed with vegetables and herbs to a granular mass. With a food processor, all preparations can be carried out from chopping to smoothing.

  6. Mince meat

    If you do your own mince, you always know exactly what is inside. To make mince with a food processor, cut the meat small and place it in the freezer until it is frozen at the corners. Now you simply chop the pieces in the food processor until the desired consistency is reached. For both pork and beef, you can use pieces from the shoulder or chest.

  7. Mayonnaise

    Fresh, homemade mayonnaise is a poem and made with a food processor quite simply. The basic recipe: 1 egg yolk together with 2 tsp medium mustard and 1 pinch salt in the food processor and stir creamy. Add about 150 – 200 ml of vegetable oil (depending on how creamy or firm the mayonnaise is). Stir and add 4 tablespoons fresh lemon juice. By the constant stirring emulsify oil and egg and become a cream. However, if you stir too long, the two ingredients separate again.

  8. Grated cheese

    Food processors are distinguished above all by their versatile accessories, which should always include a friction disc. With this, cheese such as pecorino or Parmesan can be crushed quickly and efficiently. A tip: Freshly grated hard cheese can be stored very well in the freezer compartment. You can rub in stock and have the small flakes always quickly to hand, if you prepare delicious pasta or oven dishes.

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