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Fresh snacks for the home cinema

What would be cinema without popcorn? Countless home cinemas have to do without the fluffy nash. It is so simple to complete the cinema feeling at home with homemade popcorn – popcorn poppers make it possible! And even on childbirthdays or as a snack for between, Popcorn always provides variety. In the following purchase advice you will learn how easy you can prepare fresh popcorn. You just need a popcorn popper, the right ingredients and a few minutes time.

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Almost like in the cinema

The home cinema has been darkened and preheated, the beamer is running at operating temperature and the surround system is fully turned on – the relaxed home movie can start at home! Still, something missing is the perfect cinema illusion in the own four walls: a large mug of fresh, crispy popcorn. Finished popcorn from the supermarket tastes mostly like Styropor and the preparation in the pan is much too time-consuming and elaborate. The solution: a chic popcorn popper for your own Kinofoyer!

The best brands for popcorn poppers

This creates popcorn

The basis for delicious popcorn are corn of a very special kind called sweet corn. These have particularly thin and hard shells, which leads to very effective pop-up when heated. As soon as you heat sweet corn to a temperature of around 200 degrees Celsius, the water inside the grain becomes gaseous and expands. Due to the high pressure, the hard shell bursts open and the contained starch forces explosions into the outside, creating the characteristic ploppen. In seconds fractions the starch cools and becomes firm. Voilà, the corn has turned into a popcorn. Corn is extremely rich: A handful of grains are already enough for a pop-filled bowl of popcorn. For 500 g sweet corn you pay in the supermarket depending on the provider between 2 and 5 €.

Sorts of popcorn poppers

Popcorn homemade

To enhance your home cinema with stale popcorn you have different possibilities. You should renounce ready-made popcorn for taste reasons – as you know, homemade tastes better and better. It is advisable to purchase a bag of corn, which you can process to Popcorn at home. This does not work quite stilecht and somewhat cumbersome both in the pan with the addition of oil as well as in special sweet corn bags in the microwaves. Gentle, but also cleaner and faster is the preparation with hot air. The puff grains are heated in just a few minutes and are “unfolded” without the addition of oil to popcorn. The popcorn poppers of various manufacturers are based on this principle.

The own popcorn machine

In contrast to professional popcorn poppers, which you know from the cinema, appliances for the house use with a height of 30 to 40 cm are very compact and can be placed even in confined spaces in the kitchen or even in the home cinema. After you have connected the machine to the mains supply, fill the main container, which is usually kept transparent, with a puffing nozzle, which does not require the addition of oil or grease in hot air appliances. After switching on, the integrated hot air fan is activated and blows up to 200 degrees Celsius hot air between the corn. After a few minutes the grains popped up and fall through an opening on the front side of the container into a bowl provided for it. Already the nibbler can start.

The purchase of a popcorn machine is already worthwhile if you only once a month a film evening in the home cinema, as the prices for such devices are with $25 to $70 in a very moderate area settled. When buying, you should pay attention to the following features:

Filling capacity: Most popcorn machines offer space for 50 to 100 g of “unpopped” corn. Even if the filling volume does not appear to be sufficient for several spectators over a long film evening, you should not be fooled: From only 50 g corn is usually enough Popcorn to fill a bowl with a capacity of one liter, the inevitable duds (that is, the Maiskörner, which do not pop up) already included with a popcorn machine with a capacity of 100 g corn prepares 2 L popcorn in only one pass.

Performance: The performance of the hot-air blower of a popcorn machine directly affects the duration of the preparation. Machines with 900 watts transform a handful of corn into delicious popcorn within five to six minutes, while the devices with 1,200 watts can start the nibble fun after three to four minutes. The electricity costs of 2 to 3 ct per pass are hardly significant.

Easy to clean: The container of the popcorn machine should be removed, disassembled, and thus easily cleaned from popcorn residues. Tip: Clean only the removable plastic parts with water and never plug the whole machine into the sink or into the dishwasher, as this will damage the sensitive electrical system inside the cabinet.

Design: You have the choice between popcorn machines in the neutral look of a conventional kitchen dressing and elaborately designed designer housings, the big popcorn machines from the cinema are modeled. To compliment your home cinema, retro-design machines of the 1950s are suitable, which have an artistically shaped case with red lacquer and nostalgic lettering like “Hot’n Fresh”.

Sweet, salty or spicy?

Once the fresh, hot popcorn has landed in the bowl below the dispensing opening, you can either eat it directly or flavor it according to your taste. The natural variant is particularly healthy, since no oil was used when heated and uncooked popcorn has only a few calories.

Most home-cookers will prefer the classic “sweet” or “salty” versions by sprinkling the fresh popcorn with sugar or salt and mixing the whole thing quickly with the bowl. One to two tablespoons of salt or sugar per liter of popcorn are enough to give the snack its characteristic flavor.

Of course you are not limited to salt or sugar when tasting your popcorn – you can experiment as you wish and stimulate your taste buds with alternative spices like peppers or cinnamon.

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