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Anyone who is before the purchase of an electric can opener, should think before purchasing to different points. Flavors are different and every household is different. The following article will help you make the right decision.

At the beginning, the question arises whether there must be an electric can opener at all. We have already summarized the advantages and disadvantages of electrical and mechanical can openers in another article. For a healthy young man, it is certainly not difficult to access a mechanical can opener because it is not physically restricted. For people with less power, such as seniors, or physical limitations, an electric can opener might be the better choice. In any case, the electric can opener can be a stress-free alternative, saving time and physical effort.

Headword: Safety Opener

A purchase criterion, especially when small children are in the house, is the security. Most can openers leave sharp edges or metal shavings, which in the worst case could end up in the can contents. This can also be a risk of injury to adults. Fortunately, there are already so-called safety can openers, which work the can in such a way that no sharp edges arise. When purchasing, you should pay attention to this function.

Design and processing

Even if the appearance of an electric can opener is not decisive for the quality of the can opening, a nice design can not hurt. What is more important, however, is the operation. Questions to ask yourself: Is the can opener well in the hand? For some, it may be important whether the can opener is also suitable for lefthanders. Can you open cans quickly and easily? Can a quick and easy cleaning be carried out after use?

Individual preferences

If the above questions are resolved, one should address personal preferences. Electric can openers are now available in a wide variety of designs.

Battery operated can opener

Electric can openers that require batteries for operation are usually handy and compact. Since the power cord is dropped, you can store it easily in each drawer. In addition, you are not locally connected to an outlet and the range of the mains cable. Often, battery-powered gun rifles are somewhat weaker in performance, however, and you have to adjust the batteries. Nevertheless, it has a battery operated can opener to our test winner.

Electric can opener with mains cable

Devices with mains cables simply have the advantage that no batteries are required, which are known to be empty in any way. Since the energy comes directly from the socket, can openers with power cables are often power amplifiers. A cable, however, takes up some space, at the same time it has only a certain range, which could be a disadvantage for some.

Different models

Electric can openers also often differ in their operation. Some models need some practice, some others work almost by themselves. In our test reports, we present three different types of gun openers. Each of these can openers has a different model, which has various advantages and disadvantages. Finding the right device therefore depends on the properties of the can opener best suited to your kitchen day.

Best brands for can openers:

  1. Krups
  2. Hamilton Beach
  3. Black+Decker

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