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Checklist for purchase a deep fryer

• Choose the correct size based on the number of family members. Plan approximately 500 to 600 grams per person.

• If you often want to deep-fry different foods at the same time, you should look for a model with several frying baskets. In addition to classic deep-fryers, there are combi-ovens which, besides frying, also allow baking and grilling.

• If you prefer to avoid the use of oil with regard to your health and shape, the hot air variant is a good choice.

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Purchase advice for deep fryer

Fast helpers for small and big hunger

Do you want to enjoy crispy fries, chicken nuggets, deep-fried bananas, grilled chickens or other fast-paced dishes? Then the basic decision for a fryer should have already fallen. In the following guide we would like to support you with the purchase decision for the suitable fryer. What size and equipment is right for your household, should the classic fryer or the modern hot-air fryer be preferred, what are the advantages of combiners and how can the fryer be used best? These and other questions are answered here in a compact and clear form.

The right size is important

In order to take full advantage of the convenient advantages of fast food preparation with a fryer, the choice of the right size plays an important role. The number of family members is the basis for this decision. If you are alone and like to eat a small portion of French fries or other frying specialties, a model with a capacity of about 500 g will be sufficient in most cases. For two-person households and singles, who like to socialize, fryers with a volume of frying material up to 1.2 kg should be the better choice. If you always want to surprise the big family with even fried food, should look also for larger models. After all, the same applies to French fries and co: it tastes better together.
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Is a frying basket sufficient?

If a frying basket is not enough, then classic fryers with two or more frying baskets or multi-level heaters are the right choice. With these devices, you can also simultaneously fry different dishes, which are then crispy fresh on the table with good planning at the same time.

A further good recommendation are combiners, which, for example, can combine the advantages of frying, grilling or baking in just one appliance.

Oil or air fryer- not just a matter of philosophy

The classic fryer is filled with suitable frying oil according to the manufacturer’s instructions, while the air fryer functions completely without oil and still delivers very good results. Anyone who does not want to expose his deep-fried food to the hot oil bath likes to resort to the hot-air variant. Whichever method is more advantageous may be disputed. The classic flavor of French fries and co is more likely to be achieved with an oil fryer. However, a hot air device has advantages in terms of health, comfort and safety.

Tip: Even if modern deep-fryers often come in enclosed enclosures with an effective grease and mist filter, it is advisable to provide adequate ventilation when operating the fryer. Here, a hood hood can perform just as well as a slightly open window. This makes it possible to limit the number of unpleasant frying odors.

Do not forget to change the oil

As a friend of the deep-fryed person, he often does not neglect the regular oil change. Experience shows that the food is the most palatable at the third frying stage. Too long used frying oil can develop a rancid taste, which also affects the food. As a guideline, a portion of oil should be used for about ten preparations. If you prefer, use special frying oil or pure vegetable oil in sufficient quantities. The fryers, which have a special cleaning system for a simpler oil change, are recommended. In the case of
air fryer
, the question of oil change does not arise because they function completely without oil.

Is a fryer at all worthwhile?

If you are fully equipped with classic cooking and cooking methods, you do not have to fryer. However, you will also miss out on many of the modern kitchen’s taste buds and delicious surprises. Even in the oven, for example, French fries, croquettes or chicken wings can not reach the desired crispness. Here the fryer is the right choice.

Tips for your choice

In order to make the right purchase decision, you should clarify the following questions:

  • How many people should be considered?
  • How many baskets or levels should the fryer have?
  • Do you prefer frying with or without oil?
  • How important is simple operation and cleaning?

This allows you to quickly identify the model that is right for you, or at least to narrow the selection. We wish you lots of fun and lots of enjoyment with your new fryer.

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