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With a meat grinder you can prepare mince for sauces, pastries and meatballs as well as for fillings for tortellini and ravioli always fresh. Be it aromatic beef, succulent pork, spicy lamb or mild poultry – you decide for yourself what kind of meat is produced from the meat. So you do not have to worry about quality and durability. Effortlessly, a meat grinder shreds and mixes the ingredients for Königsberger Klopse, for Mett, steak tartar or for sauces such as the famous Bolognese sauce. A meat grinder offers you numerous new opportunities for delicious dishes. Also refined sausage specialties, farces or own meat are created in no time. Even in the preparation of vegetarian food, a meat grinder can be useful. Read here what you should look out for when choosing a meat grinder.

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Why buy a meat grinder?

A good meat grinder is powerful and works fast. It consists of a motor block or a hand crank and a cutting unit. This is housed in a plastic or metal screw housing (depending on the model) and usually consists of a sharp cross-cutting or sickle knife and a perforated disc for comminution and mixing of the ingredients. The screw guide transports the pieces of meat introduced via the inlet to the knife and presses the cut material through the holes of the inserted disc. Thus, the granular structure typical of hacked is formed.

A meat grinder is a true multitalent: you can also crush vegetables and meat for fruit or purees. In the case of meat, you decide for yourself how fine it should be. This allows you to control the mouthfeel of the finished food as required. Together with the meat, you can add onions, mushrooms, herbs and finely ground spices, which are optimally mixed with the meat mass. You also save yourself a separate chopping of the ingredients. If you want to reduce the meat portion, simply add cooked rice, potatoes, or drained quark to the meat pieces.

Spinach and savoy cabbage are preserved in the meat grinder, the fine structure typical of German cuisine (cream spinach). Raw and boiled vegetables from the meat grinder are also suitable for veggie burgers, as seasoning vegetables for soups and sauces, or as raw materials for fillings such as stuffed peppers. With the right accessories, you can also prepare baked pastries and fresh pasta.

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Mechanical and electrical models

You have the choice between mechanically operated devices and electric meat grinder for connection to the socket. Mechanical models are operated by muscular force. To do this, the meat grinder is screwed to the worktop or table top and you have to turn on a hand crank during the entire comminution process. This is quite easy for smaller quantities, but if you turn several hundred grams or even several pounds of meat, it costs a lot of muscle power and time. Plus, mechanical models are gaining positive value thanks to their low purchase price and small size. This saves space in the kitchen cabinet.

Electric meat grinders are a good and, above all, convenient choice if you often want to crush meat and other food. A powerful electric motor takes over the drive of the knife and the arduous kurbelei is no longer necessary. Electric models are much faster and are therefore ideal if you want to process larger amounts of meat, cut other ingredients, or prepare meat preparations for several people. Good electromodels are also better suited to mechanical nerves with sinewy meat.

If you already have a one-armed kitchen machine and you are thinking about an electric meat grinder, then a special meat grinder for the particular appliance might be a good alternative. Such attachments then use the motor of the kitchen machine as a drive unit. In any case, make sure that you have the right accessories for your kitchen machine.

This equipment is important

Compare the devices in question using the following checklist:

Housing and processing
Only a stable, robustly processed meat grinder you have a long time of pleasure. It is therefore important to have a solid housing made of durable, shock-resistant plastic or metal. Hand-operated models should have a metal housing because of the effect of force on the crank handle. Also check how easy the unit can be dismantled for cleaning and how easy it is to change the perforated disc. If you have to dismantle the meat grinder for cleansing after every use or for retooling with a lot of fumbling, he will rarely be taken out of the closet. In the case of electrical models, a bayonet-type closure is particularly suitable for the separation of the screw housing from the engine block and a smooth-running pre-attachment thread. A large filling tray simplifies the fast processing of larger portions.

An electric meat grinder needs enough power to process also sinewy, fat or slightly frozen meat and hard ingredients such as carrots or tubers. Meat for meatballs and fillings should have a fat content of about 15 to 20%, so that the mass remains beautifully juicy. Therefore pay attention to the specified power – at least 1,000 W should be. Devices with two or more speeds for regulating the throughput allow for gentle processing. Also compare the maximum continuous operating time, which should be 10 to 15 minutes. If the engine can only run for a few minutes, you will have to use annoying rest periods.
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Perforated discs and size
With the perforated discs you control the crushing of the ingredients. There should be at least two perforated discs for coarse and fine wood chips. The coarse slice is suitable for solid ingredients and coarse sausages, the fine slice is mainly suitable for soft ingredients. Select the perforated disc according to the nature of the food and the desired result and use only one of the slices. For a particularly finely structured result leave the ingredients several times through. Begin with the rough perforated disc and work in the second pass with the fine disc.

In connection with the perforated discs is often indicated a size. This is usually the case for appliances for private households that are 5 (5.4 cm), 8 (6.35 cm) or 10 (6.99 cm). The value refers to the outlet diameter and is important if you want to buy a perforated disc or other accessories.

The tendons, cartilages and bones contained in meat pieces can block the transport screw and the motor remains plugged in. In the case of devices with back-up function, in this case, press the return button to release the arresting pieces by a short backward movement. Without a return, you must open the worm and remove the suspended parts by hand.

overheating protection
During operation some heat is generated in the units. Therefore, do not run the engine longer than recommended by the manufacturer. During this time, you normally have a full filling tray with meat. Wait a few minutes before you crush the next portion. An integrated overheat protector automatically switches off the meat chopper when the appliance becomes too hot. In this case, let the meat grinder cool down for about half an hour before turning it on again.

sausage filler
A sausage filling attachment is practical for home-made brat and cooked sausages as well as for vegetarian sausage recipes. It is fixed in the front of the screw housing instead of the knife and perforated disc, after you have prepared the sausage mass. The attachment has a long spout, on which you draw a soaked natural or artificial bowel. You can get intestines of the desired size from your butcher, meat store or mail order company. It can already start with the filling: the sausage broth, which is pushed through the snail into the intestine, comes up into the filling shaft of the meat grinder. When the intestine is filled, remove the sausages and separate them.

Attachment for cookies
For the production of sweet or salty biscuits, an injection molding attachment is practical. It consists of a holder, which is attached to the cut meat out of the meat grinder, and one or more injection molding stencils for shaping the respective dough.

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