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Checklist for the purchase of a juicer

• Decide according to the preferences, frequency of use and preferred fruit and vegetable varieties for a specific type of juicer. Citrus juices, centrifugal juicers and juice presses are available.

• Consider whether you want to preserve your juice and store it in bottles for a longer time. Then you should grab a steam extractor.

• Technical details such as potting containers or foam separators increase comfort.

• Choose a suitable motor power. The following rule applies to juicing: less is more.

• Select a device that can be cleaned easily.

• If you prefer cleaning in the dishwasher, make sure that the appropriate parts (eg juice containers and the marc box) are dishwasher-safe.

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Really fresh fruit and vegetable juices are only available directly from the juicer. Many vitamins quickly oxidize in air, decompose in light or are destroyed by heating. Juicers for the domestic kitchen offer full fruit without compromise. What is the difference between the available models and what should you consider when choosing the best juicer for your kitchen? Here you will find information about the various types of juicers, a comparison to the stand mixer, answers to the questions, which plant products are suitable for juicing, the performance a juicer needs and the cleaning effort you have to calculate, and finally a delightful recipe for a delicious vitamin drink.

How do you juice fruit and vegetables?
A juicer separates the liquid from solid, fibrous plant ingredients. A task that can be done in different ways. The most common methods for juicing are pressing, spinning and heating, whereby you can press the juice in universal juices, but also with specialized kitchen utensils such as the citrus press. The various juicer types differ in particular in their suitability for certain tasks, the characteristics of the juices produced, as well as the typical cleaning effort and the cost of the purchase.

The citrus press

The citrus juices are one of the most specialized juices for juicing. It is also spread out as a kitchen appliance which is to be operated only manually and generally requires a comparatively low cleaning effort. As the name implies, the citrus press is only suitable for juicing citrus fruits, which have a relatively robust skin and, of course, only small nuclei. There are also universal juicers with a citrus press. The citrus press is generally a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for your special area and has already been available for less than $30 . But if you squeeze a lot of oranges, lemons, limes or grapefruits, you will also find particularly high-quality devices in price regions around $200. With all-metal design, stainless steel inserts and a lever arm, which allows pressing almost without any force, such a citrus press also competes with equipment for commercial catering. Here you will be at your expense, for example, if you need daily freshly squeezed orange juice.

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The best brands for juicers

The Centrifugal Juicer

The centrifuge juicer is the workhorse in the raw food kitchen. The devices are at a relatively low price level and process most fruit and vegetable varieties even in large pieces, for example whole apples.

The centrifugal extractor first comminutes the contents automatically with a rotating grater and subsequently separates the juice from the pomace in a centrifuge. The efficiency of these devices depends essentially on the ratio of the rotational speed to the diameter of the centrifuge. The noise is therefore higher than with other juicers.

Advantages of a juicer with centrifugal force are:

Simple construction, therefore cost-effective construction and easier cleaning
Large filling opening, ie little effort for pre-crushing
Vitamin gentle cold juiced
Partly with a citrus press
In the juice from the centrifuge, a typical separation into a clear fraction and a solids-rich, frothy portion can be determined, which can also be removed only briefly by stirring. The juice containers of the centrifuge extractors therefore usually have a foam separator which retains this less substantial juice content during pouring.

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The Masticating Juicers

Compared to the centrifuge, the Masticating Juicer is the whole blood among the juices. It provides high juice quality, works quietly and also brings juice from nuts, herbs and grasses, but is more demanding in terms of care and costs at least twice as much as a good centrifuge juicer. The Masticating Juicers crushes filled fruits, vegetables, leaves and the like between two rolls or snails while simultaneously pressing out the juice. This process requires less high speeds, and the noise production of a juice press is correspondingly lower than that of a centrifugal separator.

Advantages of the Masticating Juicer are:

Homogeneous juice with high pulp content
No or little foam
Processing a wide range of fruits and other plant parts
Quiet operation
Gentle cold watering
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Masticating juicer:

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