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Ice machines for household highlights

Why look in the refrigerated shelf, when you can prepare delicious ice cream in your own individual tastes? With fully automatic ice cream maker, you will ensure personal highlights in your household. The devices are easy to use and score with many practical features. The temperature and status of the selected program can be monitored via an LCD display. The ingredients you have selected can be easily added during the preparation via the filling opening in the lid, which provides optimum protection against unwanted splashes.

Ice cream makers for every taste

Stirring tools with a safety clutch, timer or automatic shutdown with acoustic signal simplify the process. Choose from a wide range of models, whose freezers are distinguished by their different capacities. Discover high-performance kitchen machines with a volume of more than one liter of ice, or small ice-cream makers for fast, self-made ice cream. Ice machines enrich your kitchens with functionality and taste.

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ice cream maker
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Make delicious ice cream by yourself

On a nice summer day, a cooling ice is just the right treat. Instead of joining the snake in front of the ice cream parlor, you can simply prepare the cold refreshment with ice cream makers for the home use – in your favorite flavors and with lots or little sugar. Whether extra creamy, particularly fruity or with yoghurt: the appliances prepare your ice cream as you like it. In this guide, you will learn which equipment you should look for when buying an ice machine, how to find the right model for your personal ice supply and how to use the appliance sensibly and properly.

Make ice cream according to your taste

If you produce ice cream in the domestic kitchen itself, determine the ingredients. You love vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries? Then combine both foods and create your own ice cream. Finished ice cream from the freezer is too sweet for you and contains too many additives? In your ice machine comes only what tastes and is good for you. You feed vegan and normal milk ice cream is taboo for you? Own creations with herbal substitute products also enable you to enjoy the ice.

No matter which mixture you prefer, the ice cream machine cools and simultaneously stirs the mass to the desired consistency. After about 30 minutes, depending on the model, delicious ice cream, frozen yogurt, slush ice or a frieset set on the table.

The basics: Ice machines with and without compressor

The most important distinguishing feature of ice cream machines is the type of refrigeration. Devices with passive cooling do not bring the ice mass itself to minus temperatures, but you use the freezer. For 8 to 24 hours placed in the ice compartment, a cooling liquid in the double-walled thermocontainer stores the cold and, after being inserted into the machine, it delivers it to the liquid ice mass.

This step is no longer required for ice makers with a compressor: they cool in a few minutes and keep the temperature constant during the entire manufacturing process. With the help of a keep-cool function, some machines can be used as freezers after completing your ice-cold process. If you are spontaneous about an ice cream, you can start with these models immediately and make ice cream several times without waiting.

Tip: In the passive version, there are not only stand units but also attachments for kitchen machines. If you already own such a multifunctional appliance, you can look for an ice cream maker in the kitchen appliance accessory and save not only money, but also space.

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The most important features of a ice cream machine

In addition to the cooling type, there are other properties that you should consider when choosing an ice machine.


For three to four balls of ice cream or a dessert for two people, devices with a capacity of 500 ml are sufficient in the thermocontainer. A fill quantity of approximately 1 liter or 1 kg of maximum quantity of ice is recommended for three to four people, 1.5 liters or 1.5 kg and more are suitable for larger families or if you want to pamper guests with ice cream. Units with two separate ice containers allow the simultaneous production of two ice cream sorts.

Motor power and volume

Machines with a passive cooling unit stir from 6 to 12 W, models with a cooling unit with 135 to 200 W. The latter also run in continuous operation, allowing the cooling of the finished ice – for top models up to three hours. The active refrigerators operate at a volume which corresponds approximately to a vacuum cleaner in operation. Models with freezers are quieter because only the agitator and no compressor generates operating noise.

Freezing areas and programs

Various temperature ranges are required to produce ice cream specialties in different consistencies. The larger the freezing range, the wider the range of the ice machine. Compressor models with a freezing range of up to -35 ° C dominate most programs – such as fruit ice cream, soft ice cream and gelato, or from soft to firm. Models with automatic sensors test the strength during agitation and adapt the remaining time accordingly. Most passively cooling ice machines are 3-in-1 devices for the production of ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt.

Monitoring displays and acoustic signals

For simple ice machines, check the consistency by visual inspection through the transparent cover. More convenient is an LCD monitor, which informs you of the progress of the manufacturing process. A beep is handy when you are in another room or on the terrace and you want to know when your ice cream is ready.

Material and lid with filling shaft

Machines with stainless steel housing are durable and give a good figure in the kitchen. Anodised containers are provided with a particularly hard, scratch-resistant seal. BPA-free plastics do not contain any potentially harmful compounds that could enter into the ice. An additional opening in the lid of the mixing container makes it possible to refill raw material during the preparation or to add ingredients such as chocolate sprinkles.

Automatic shutdown and safety lock

Devices with automatic shutdown stop, in contrast to simple machines with an on / off button, stop automatically when the timer or the program has expired. A safety lock prevents the lid from being opened during operation, for example if the offspring can not wait to try the ice. If a child safety device is available, the keys can also be locked.

Dismountability for easy cleaning

In order to easily clean the equipment after use, the stirring unit and the motor part should be removable. Completely dismountable machines with dishwasher-suitable parts are particularly easy to maintain.

Tips for ice making

Always keep well-chilled ingredients in the cooler to avoid unnecessary preparation time. The finished ice is generally more voluminous than the raw material due to the enrichment with oxygen during stirring: Be sure to fill the mixing vessel with a maximum of two thirds.

If the consistency does not meet your expectations, check the ratio of solid and liquid ingredients. It should be 30-40 to 60-70%. Grease and binders in the form of egg yolk or carob kernel kernel make the mass supple. Alcohol delays the cooling process and should not be added until the end of the manufacturing process.

If your finished ice is not solid enough, you can put it again briefly in the freezer compartment. Cover the surface well so that no ice crystals form. Fresh ice prepared ice creams should not be frozen again and kept in the freezer for more than a week.

Ice Cream Maker by White Mountain
Ice Cream Maker by White Mountain

Speaking of ice-creams: The following ice-cream specialties can be prepared with an ice-maker depending on the model:

Ice cream (ice cream) usually consists of milk, cream, sugar as well as egg yolk and is thrown open airily by rapid stirring.
Gelato: Compared to the ice cream, the Italian ice contains more milk, less cream and usually no eggs. This makes it richer and softer and softer from the texture.
Sorbet or fruit ice is prepared with rapid stirring from fruit juice or water with syrup. You can also mix water with freezer.
Frozen Yoghurt made of natural yoghurt is popular with the low fat and sugar content in figurative people. It can be refined as desired with fruit, sugar, honey or vanilla.
Parfait: Whipped egg yolk and sugar as well as whipped cream are mixed with other ingredients in the machine to a creamy cold food.
Slush Ice: The trend beverage from the USA is half-frozen drinks, which you can make from fruit juices, sodas, coke, tea, coffee, smoothies and much more.

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