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Electric skillet by Maximatic

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Guests are welcome, but the management difficult? The solution is an electric skillet. With it, you can quickly and easily conjure up large amounts of culinary treats. Cooking, frying, steaming and food warming – all these functions unite the electric skillet/pan. Even baking pizza makes the all-rounder possible. Devices with integrated grill function are also ideal for every gardening event in summer. Because with a good electric griddle every food will succeed very well. Faster hot than any “normal” pan on the stove, the delicious food stands fast on the table with the help of this practical household appliance. But what to look for when buying an electric skillet?

The electric pan for a wide range of flock of versatile material

Electric skillets are universally applicable. They can be placed on different flocks. Irrespective of whether it is on halogen, glass ceramic cookers or gas and electric heaters – the electric pan can be used everywhere.

The material selection at a glance:

Electric skillet made of aluminum have good heat transport, but they need a little longer until they are really hot. They do not cool so strongly with the food. Please note that these pans are not overheated. In the course of time it can happen that the bottoms bulge and no longer rest correctly on the hearth plate.
Aluminum castings heat and store heat well, which means that there is no danger of warping from the pans floor. Cleaning is easy as these griddles are non-stick coated inside and outside. Cast iron is, for example, insensitive to scratches and higher temperatures.
Pans made of stainless steel or aluminum, which are coated with ceramic and thus are scratch-resistant, the so-called ceramic pans, are excellent for healthy and low-fat roasts.

Non – stick cookware is easy to clean, especially when the skillet is coated on the inside and outside. It is also possible to buy a frying pan which even contain the hardness test in the hot oven. Please pay attention to heat resistant handles. Alternatively, one can safely remove the electric pans from the oven with special cooking gloves.

Shapes & designs

Electric skillets are often round, but you can also buy square or square versions. Although black dominates the color selection, there are variations in fresh colors such as red or green. They are a nice view on every party buffet.

Practical equipment for electric skillets

Multi-functional electric skillets are waiting with a number of useful equipment features. Supplied lids are almost always made of glass. Stainless steel covers with integrated glass windows ensure that the food is cooked at all times even when the lid is closed. Glass covers with steam valve or vent extractor allow the escape of excess moisture. In order not to burn your fingers, there are electric griddles with heat-resistant handle. Stand feet ensure a safe and stable stand on all cooking ranges and, of course, on the table. With a glance at the control lamp one can always make sure, whether the electric skillet is in operation or switched off. With continuous temperature regulation, heat is evenly switched on or off. Heat-insulated or “Cool-Touch” carrying handles protect against burns on the hot kitchen appliances. If the pan is equipped with a so-called counter-grip, two opposing handles are used, which distribute the weight better when carrying the griddle.

How big should my electric skillet be and who offers me the perfect model?

Electric griddles often have a diameter of 34 centimeters, while smaller designs can measure about 30 to 32 centimeters. Kitchen professionals are fond of using XXL formats and generous diameters of around 40 centimeters. Proven manufacturers for such kitchens appliances are, for example, the products of Saladmaster, Farberware, Presto, West Bend and Sunbeam. Solid designs of good electric skillets can be found in the assortment of various manufacturers from price ranges of $20 to $35.

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